Your surrender application has now been sent to our welfare department.

​What next?

​Our welfare team are now in receipt of your application. Please note that dogs classed as "Staffie Crosses" that resemble banned breed dogs may require DDA digital assessment before they are allowed to come into our care.

​Once dogs are on our waiting list and space becomes available we will contact you by email and text using the details you provided on the form.

To help make sure you don't miss any communication from us please add the domain to your safe email list, this will prevent our emails from going straight into your junk mail box.

​Once a space is offered you have 48 hours to confirm the kennel space is still required, then we can arrange a suitable day and time for you to bring your dog into our care.

​Upon arrival to the centre you will be greeted by a member of our welfare team, they will then take you through a lengthy questionnaire process that will give you the opportunity to tell us all about your dog and help us establish the kind of care required and new home requirements. During this process you will have the chance to ask any questions and let us know of any special requirements the dog may have.

​Once the questionnaire is complete you will be asked to officially sign your dog over to the care of Happy Staffie Rescue, this is the final stage of the process and once complete the dog legally becomes the responsibility of Happy Staffie Rescue. 


​Dogs being placed in rescue can often be a stressful experience for them and there are ways you can help them settle. Smell is important dogs and bringing their own bedding for them to use for a few days can make a big difference. Also a sudden change in a dogs diet can lead to stomach upset so by bringing a weeks worth of the current food they are on will help us combat this. If your dog likes toys and treats you can also bring these along.

​If you dog is up to date with vaccinations it's important that you bring evidence of this with you, by having proof we will not need to have dog vaccinations carried out again until they are needed.


From time to time our surrender waiting list can hit over 30 and priority will always be given to dogs on death row from pounds. Please help us manage our list and reduce admin time by letting us know if your circumstances change and you no longer need rescue support.

​Completion of our surrender application does not automatically mean your dog has been added to our waiting list and due to the size of the rescue and limited staff we will only be in contact when space becomes available for dogs that are suitable to come into our care.

Because of this we strongly recommend that you contact as many rescues as possible and register for assistance.

You can find most of the UK's rescue centres by visiting

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Head Office (Postal Address Only)

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