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Thank you for choosing to support Happy Staffie Rescue with a regular donation.

If you donate £2 a month or more you will automatically join our Supporters Club and will receive our newsletter several times a year (please email us if you set up a standing order so we know where to send the newsletter).


There are two ways you can do this, you can either

  • You can set up a Standing Order through your bank. This is our preferred method as we get the whole amount of your donation

  • Set up a monthly Direct Debit through our trusted partner JustGiving, however Justgiving take at least 5% of your donations and so we will not receive the whole amount you donate.


Standing order

This is something you control, and you can create yourself on most banking apps or online banking. You can normally cancel or amend your standing order at any time simply by using your banking app or online banking. We receive 100% of your donations made by standing order.

If you would prefer to fill in a Standing Order form please email us with your name and address and we will post one out to you. Email us


You have to create an account with Justgiving and you manage your donations directly with them. We do not have any access to your donations and therefore any changes you need to make must be done with Justgiving. Justgiving currently deduct 5% from any donations as their fee.

All you need to do to start helping save dogs in need is click one of the links below

If you would rather make a single donation please click here

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