Reggie is a 3-5 year old neutered dog that first came into rescue in February 2020. He a small medium size, and looks like a small staffie sized rottweiler. Reggie is neutered and microchipped but not vaccinated.



PLEASE READ the whole assessment.

Reggie is a very cute dog, he is great in the home but he will NOT be suitable for everyone, or for most people. If you are looking for a dog you can take on regular dog walks to the park then this is not the dog for you. He will suit someone who either lives remotely (for walks), or who can provide the play he needs at home.


Reggie came to us in February in a very bad way. He was covered in fresh scars across his legs, head, shoulders and had a deep infected and untreated bite wound under his jaw. He had been subject to either a prolonged dog attack, or several dog attacks in a short space of time. He remained with us while he had veterinary treatment and was then adopted by a lovely couple who wanted to work with him to try and help him overcome his fears. Unfortunately even with the help of a trainer and behaviourist this did not work, and they had to surrender him to us at the end of April.



Reactions to other dogs

Reggie is very reactive when he sees, and sometimes hears dogs. He becomes stressed and can whine, squeal, scream and make attempts to get out of his harness. He can be very difficult to control in these situations, and he will not completely relax again until he is back home. Therefore, unusually we are not looking for a home where walking him is necessary.


It is absolutely essential is that he has a decent sized garden in which to play, and that he has plenty of opportunities to play in place going out for exercise. We do not want Reggie left for long periods of time and as he absolutely loves people he may best suit a home with someone present the majority of time.



Foster carer assessment

Reggie has been in foster care since coming back to us at the end of April and his foster carers have given us the following information:


“Loves to be with you and will follow you.

“Loves to sit on your lap.

“A real house dog.

“Loves a fuss, and cuddles, especially curled up next to you on the settee.

“He wants to lick your hands, face, arms and sometimes feet!

“He will bark when he wants attention and to come and play.

“He enjoys playing with pulling and tugging toys in the garden (he can be quite vocal). He loves to run around and will chase off pigeons.

“He is fully housetrained.

“He loves to be next to you on the bed, and sometimes under the covers!

“He has a lovely snore.

“He watches you eat but doesn’t try to take anything.

“He doesn’t like many dog treats, he prefers meat. He does like dog chocolate and rawhide sticks/bones.

“He is very tender taking treats from you, he only takes them when offered to him.

“If you have been out, and then return he is extremely pleased and excited to see you. He jumps up at you, if you’re not expecting it he could appear to be aggressive but he isn’t, he just wants to lick you. You just need to firm with him.”



The foster carer added:


“Reggie really does not like or enjoy walks

“He saw a dog 50 yards away and he became extremely agitated and wouldn’t settle even after the dog was out of sight”



Our experience

Our own experience is that in kennels he was a golden dog indoors, but as we have established, constantly on alert and never relaxing when on walks. He has adapted very well to his foster placement, where he has had lots of love and play in the home and garden. He seems a very happy balanced dog at home.


Indoors, he is great, an almost perfect dog. But his reactions to other dogs are extreme and therefore we are not looking at anyone thinking they can train him or adjust him. He has had a trainer and behaviourist with the last owner and this was not entirely successful. We are not ruling out the possibility he could improve, we are just not confirming that this will definitely be the case.


He is a good traveller in a car – quiet and relaxed, but has been sick on one occasion (though it was a hot day).



Veterinary visits

Reggie loves people and loves meeting the vet and nurses and is a good boy being examined, even in areas that were very painful when he arrived. But, your veterinary practice will need to be one that has ‘quiet times’ that they usually use for nervous dogs, so that you can bring Reggie in (and leave) without seeing other dogs. Many vets do have this available – usually the last appointments in the morning/evening.



You and your home

You will need a secure garden, with good fencing/walls. Although Reggie isn’t an escape artist he can bounce/jump quite high for a small/medium dog. A 5 ft fence is recommended.

No dogs in adjacent properties.

No cats (we do not know if he has lived with them).

No children under the age of 10 in the home or regularly visiting. As far as we know Reggie has never lived with small children.

Walking is not required, as long as he has lots of company and play. We would only recommend walks if you live in an area where there are no dogs likely to be seen.

Lots of play in place of walks.

No more than 2-3 hours alone at most.

No crates/cages.

You will need to be understanding and fully aware that he is reactive to other dogs, and that while this may never change.

You will need to be able to be firm but fair, otherwise he will run rings around you. He respects calm leadership and will follow instructions.



If you have reached this point and have read everything and think you may be able to offer Reggie a home then do please complete the Adoption Enquiry form.

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