Big “sighthound” Reggie arrived in rescue as stray on 30 April 2022. He is a super friendly young dog, and responds well to his name (most of the time) and to taking treats. He loves going for walks and has not caused us any problems on walks so far.

According to his microchip Reggie was born 26 June 2018, making it almost 4 years of age.


As a stray with have very limited history for him and this will limit the type of home he can go to.


  • No dogs in the home

  • No cats in the home

  • No small animals in the home

  • No children under the age of 14 living in or regularly visiting

  • Access to his own private very secure garden, all fences, walls, must be at left 5 ft, preferably 6 ft high as he can jump very high.

  • Reggie will bark loudly when left, and therefore he needs a home with someone there all the time, or a home without nearby neighbours


Reggie arrived very underweight and malnourished. He has scars around his face, and a small open wound on his nose that our vets have checked (see below).


Reggie does not appear timid, and walks confidently with little pulling. He is not bothered by new people or traffic, and gladly walks up to people, especially if treats are available.


Taking treats

Reggie arrived very hungry, and we find the best to give treats is an open palm. He will nibble up small treats very nicely, but anything handed over to him that is bigger, like a DentiStick he with take very quickly.



So far Reggie has been very easy to walk, but he may become triggered by small animals (we haven’t seen this yet, but it can be a trait with sighthounds). He has seen dogs, but has not shown any aggression, though he will bark back.


Dogs and other animals

We have not seen any aggression, but the pound did advise that he was not socialised, and while he may be good with dogs that are not close to him he may not want them up close and in personal. He seems very keen on small dogs, and it could be that he is thinking they maybe things for chasing! Cats, squirrels, rabbits will all get him pulling to go chasing.



Very gentle, laidback, and not fearful or anxious of meeting new people. May snatch treats if given at finger tips, but takes them gently when fed from palm of the hand. He is prone to jump on his back legs to place his front paws on your chest/shoulders.



Reggie arrived very underweight for his size and type, and has a small hole on the top of his nose, possibly caused by a bite. He has been checked by our vets who have advised that the hole will not close naturally and must be monitored to ensure it is clean and does not become infected. It may be possible for cosmetic surgery to be undertaken but this not essential provided his next owner checks it regularly.