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Hugo arrived for rehoming on 9 July 2024. Hugo is a lean, 2-year-old staffie-cross, currently weighing in at 20.3 kilos. Hugo is a lovely, friendly, very chilled dog, that is looking for an active home.


  • No cats in the home

  • No children living in the home under the age of 13 years

  • Access to his own private and secure garden (not shared/communal)

  • Access to the sofa for cuddles

  • Not left for too long, maybe no more than 2 hours at a time to start off with, and gradually build up to a maximum of 4 hours.

  • An active home



A very friendly dog, that likes to stand up to meet new people (front paws on your waist/tummy) without being over the top. Relaxes and settles very quickly around new people. Takes treats very nicely, with no snatching or snapping. Is very responsive to treats, and he learns very quickly because of it.

Hugo is very responsive to the commands he knows, is very food orientated which helps with training, and any naughtiness (e.g. over-eagerness during play) is easily corrected with appropriate commands.

He has not shown an ounce of aggression or dominance to any of our people.



Pulls on the lead and is strong, so please keep this in mind, and may weave. May walk better on a shorter lead. He is used to wearing a head collar/Halti which we are told helps walking. While he is with us, we have to walk him with a harness. Does not appear to be bothered by anything on walks, traffic, people, dogs (he will just look at). Happy to do his toilet on his walk.


Dogs and cats and other animals.

Hugo briefly (3 weeks) lived with another dog. The previous owner has stated that they got on very well, and would play multiple times a day (engaged by the other dog, not Hugo). He was receptive to playing and they used to sleep in close proximity.

Hugo is not suitable to live with cats as he bit the cat in the home, and he will likely see cats as something to chase after.

We recommend a home with no other animals, e.g. no rabbits, caged birds, etc.



Loves to play, and loves to play with all sorts of toys including balls and tug toys. May sometimes be a little impatient during play and may attempt to snatch/grab, but you can tell him to wait and he will listen. Can be quite intense during play, but is responsive to commands (treats needed as a good reward), but still can be impatient.



Hugo appears to be in great health. He arrived fully vaccinated until July next year. He is microchipped, but not yet neutered.


His last owner only took him in in order to try and find a new home for him, as he was being kept outside most of the time in the previous home, and they wanted to find a better home for him. Therefore, the information from the last owner below only relates to the last three weeks.


  • House trained

  • Has been left occasionally for up to 3 hours, no mess or destruction, a bit of whimpering for a few minutes at the start.

  • Used to sleeping on the sofa in the living room

  • Has lived with a dog for the last 3 weeks. They got along very well and would play multiple times a day (engaged by my dog not Hugo). But he still was receptive to playing and they slept in very close proximity

  • Pulls on walks.

  • Will ignore dogs on walks.

  • Good in the vets, both in the waiting room, and being examined by the vet.

  • Not suitable to live with cats – he went for our cat the moment he saw it.

  • We are told he has lived with children from newborns to teenagers, but not with us.

  • Travels fine, normally lies down, may try and go to sleep. Used to travelling on the back seat in a doggy hammock.

  • Fine meeting new people in the home, just may stand up, front paws on them to get more of a fuss.

  • Never bitten a person

  • Never shown dominance

  • Never shown aggression to people or dogs but did not like our cat.

  • Will chase birds, squirrels, cats, etc.

  • Commands known – sit, paw, lay down, off, stay/wait, paw.

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