Our latest Buddy arrived in our care on 28 August 2020.


Buddy is male, and according to his microchip was born on 28 August 2017 (3 years of age). He is a crossbreed and is larger than a staffie. He is very strong, with powerful back legs, and although he generally walks very well he will need an owner who is able to control a strong dog as Buddy may pull hard if he sees small animals that he wants to chase. He is neutered, and although he does not have a vaccination card we are advised he is fully vaccinated.


Buddy is a great big cuddly monster who loves human contact and loves to roll on his back for belly rubs. He is proving to be a very good boy in rescue, and other than the occasional accident nervous/excited wee he has kept a very clean kennel.


Due to the volume of enquiries we receive we will only be replying to suitable homes if we are in a position to arrange a viewing – if we have lots of enquiries from suitable people we will be responding in chronological order until the dog is adopted.



In summary the sought of home that would best suit this dog would be:

  • No dogs or cats

  • Children in the home or regularly visiting aged 13+

  • Confident, assertive owner(s)

  • Owner(s) who have experience with big strong dogs

  • A home where he will not be left for more than 2 hours

  • An active home, where Buddy will get lots of exercise including brisk walks.

  • A secure private garden, with good fencing (min. 5 ft) all around, ideally with no neighbouring dogs

  • No cages/crates in the home.



Buddy is a young active and energetic dog. We expect similar from potential owners – although age is irrelevant we need to be confident that the new owners will be able to give Buddy the exercise he needs to keep him happy. On any viewing you will be expected to take Buddy for a walk on designated route that can last up to 30-40 minutes.


Buddy can be a little nervous and excited, and may do a nervous/excited wee when meeting people or at other exciting occasions.



On our first walks with Buddy we found him generally easy to walk. He does not pull too much, though he has a tendency to walk at lead length in front of you. The only occasionals he pulled hard was when he saw a very small dog in front. We waited, allowed the small dog to go out of sight and Buddy walked on normally. The other occasion he saw a small bird fly out in front of him and he lunged forward hard to try and catch it and thereafter was focused on finding it for a few minutes. On our walks we also passed two very noisy barking Labradors who barked at Buddy. Buddy saw them, he showed no real interest and continued walking.


Since he has been with us Buddy has been walked numerous times by many different people from our excellent and large team of dog walkers. We have not had any problems, but he has shown us he is not keen on many dogs and may bark, and he will try and go after small animals. But for most part Buddy is an easy dog to walk.



Buddy has had a bit of a chaotic past, going from a home and taken to a vet to be PTS before being taken in by a foster carer through the vets that tried to save him. The foster carer was able to get him placed in a home for 3 months, before circumstances changed and forced Buddy back to the vet’s foster home. From there the foster carer contacted us to see if we could take Buddy in and try and find him a permanent home. This is our first contact with Buddy, and we have not had prior knowledge or experience of Buddy, or been involved in his care until he arrived on 28 August 2020.



Statement from person surrendering the dog:

“Buddy was taken to our vets to be PTS on the 27/03/20, the reason was that he growled at her child whilst in a crate and attacked a resident dog, the vet asked us if we could look after him for a weekend and this ended up being longer, we manged to find him a home with a neighbour son and was with him 3 months but sadly circumstances changed and he had to move back in with his parents where there are young children, so was returned.


“Buddy is unpredictable and I find he guards, and needs some work with anxiety, he is not good with dogs that approach him, and can stress urinate at times. He is great on the lead and loves his home comforts.


“He hasn’t been destructive until now, he ripped his bed up but I think its down to the change again, he has no allergies or health issues, and is fully vaccinated but the card has been lost, my vet is happy to contact and give you all his details on vacs etc.


“He’s recently been wormed and had flea treatment.


“He’s castrated and microchipped.


“I find he prefers men, he has never shown any aggression in our care but an situation arose in the previous home when a bird was flapping by the window and whilst the lady reached to close the curtains he lunged and caught her arm, there was no bite just a bruise, we have been told that he has possible food aggression but again we have not seen this behaviour.”

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