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Welcome to the volunteers walkers update page.

Firstly we would like to say a big thank you for helping us with the welfare of the dogs in our care.

Dogs being able to get out of kennels throughout the day to get exercise and fresh air is invaluable to having the best care while they are looking for their new homes.

While you are out and about with the dogs you will come across things and behaviours that we just don't get to witnessed in a kennel environment and we value your updates of how the dogs have behaved while in your care.

This information will help us to assess and gain a suitable new home for the dogs as we can pass on information to potential new owners.

You can send us an update as often as you like but please don't feel you need to submit an update every time you walk the dogs.

To send us an update now please use the orange "Update Us" button.

Thank you

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