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Adorable 9 year old Monty arrived for rehoming on 15 February 2024.


Cuddly Monty came to us as a stray without a name so we have decided to call him Monty. He is a staffie-cross possibly with a corgi due to his colour, small/medium size and type of thicker coat.


As a stray with no history this is the type of home we are looking for:


  • No dogs or cats in the home

  • No children living in the home under the age of 10 years

  • Access to the sofa for cuddles

  • Access to his own private and secure garden (not shared or communal).

  • Not caged/crated in the home.

  • Not left for very long (we do not know what he is like when left), he also seems to really want/like a lot of company so someone there most of the time would be best.



Very friendly, affectionate, likes to follow you around and be close to you. We think he would suit a home with someone there most of the time.


A really happy, loving dog who just wants good human company, and his favourite thing is definitely cuddling up next to you on the sofa (or armchair).


A lovely, friendly, happy dog, who when meeting us for the first time allowed us to fit him with a collar, and one of our temporary harnesses with no problems at all. When sat down he loves to be close to you, and loves having rubs.

Loves cheese as we have quickly discovered and will sit, give paw and lie down.



Walks at a nice brisk pace with no real pulling, though may walk at the full length of the lead (if you walk slow it may appear he is pulling). Fine passing traffic and people until very recently, when he has started to react to passing vans in particular by barking and lunging at them.

When seeing dogs there is keen interest, and he looks quite confident with his chest out and tail up. Some dogs he will walk past, others he will be excited to see, and some he may bark at. He is normally easy to redirect with a call of his name and a treat, but this is an area that will need work and a patient and confident walker.

Happy to do his toilet on walks.



Loves exploring the toy box and will happily chase anything you throw and have a little play, particularly toys that squeal. He seems to really favour the larger Kong tennis balls that squeak. Will fetch and bring back, dropping near you, sometimes of his own accord.


No issues for us removing toys from his mouth.



Appears in good health. No signs or symptoms of illness or injury. Microchipped but not neutered.

Saw our vet 20 February 2024. 1st restart vaccinations and Kennel Cough vaccines given. General health all good, no concerns from the vet. He has now had his 2nd restart vaccination to complete his course.

Monty was neutered on 5 April 2024 and will be available again for viewings from 12 April 2024.

Weight: 21.85 kg.

Height: 17 inches at the withers.

If you have any questions about Monty before enquiring you can email us at


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