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RESERVED - due for adoption shortly

Lovely young Luna arrived for rehoming 17 February 2024. She was previously with us for a short time in January and was adopted for about four weeks.


She was born in July 2022 making her around 19 months of age. Luna is already vaccinated, neutered and microchipped.


The sort of home for Luna


  • You must be confident and assertive

  • No dogs or cats in the home

  • No children living in the home or regularly visiting under the age of 13 years.

  • Access to the sofa for cuddles

  • Access to her own private and secure garden (not shared or communal)

  • Not left for more than 2 hours at a time

  • An active home – Luna is a young dog that will need a decent amount of exercise and play.



Luna is a young active, playful dog and our experience of her is that she is a very friendly, happy and sociable dog, easy to meet new people with a nice calm way of introducing herself.

Luna takes treats nicely, and is very treat orientated. Happy to have her coat and harness put on with nothing more than being a bit wriggly.

She has never shown any signs of aggression or dominance to any of our people, including staff and dog walking volunteers, and is always excited but not over the top when meeting new people.

We are looking for confident and assertive owner(s).



Lots of sniffing and using her brain when on walks. Walks at a brisk pace and would suit an owner that does similar (or she may appear to pull). Passed lots of dogs on walks already and there is a ‘interest’ through pulling, but no bad reactions, even to a dog that was growling at her, and a German Shepherd that was barking at her.

Definitely will benefit from an active home with plenty of walks and play to keep her mind busy.


Dogs and cats

Luna used to live with two other dogs, one larger, one smaller, but she soon took a disliking to the smaller dog and this led to some fights. The previous owner says she should be the only dog in the home. She has not lived with a cat, and the previous owner does not believe she would be very good with cats.



Loves all the toys. We have found her not possessive over any of the toys with us during our play sessions with her.



Luna appears in very good health, as she should be for her age. She is vaccinated until July 2024, already microchipped and was neutered in December 2023.

Weight 20.25 kg.


Last owner

Luna was recently briefly adopted. After about two weeks they said she started to become dominant. They said that most of the time she is an affectionate little girl and is clearly an intelligent dog. With this in mind it is important that all members of the household are confident and assertive with dogs.

Original owner 

We contacted the original owner to discuss the above dominant behaviour and they said they were surprised by this behaviour, and that they never saw any snappiness or dominant behaviour before.


Further information provided by the original owner:


  • House trained

  • Used to being left for 4 hours

  • Used to active home

  • Never lived with children, but has interacted with grandchildren aged 2 and 5 years. Very well behaved but probably a little big and boisterous for children of this age.

  • Introduced to a crate when we got her, and had intended to stop using after she settled but then she fell out with the other dog and we continued to use the crate.

  • New places can make her a little nervous to begin with, but she soon gets used to them

  • Never bitten a person

  • Never shown dominance

  • Never shown aggression to people

  • Did have scraps/fights with another resident dog which is the reason for rehoming

  • May sometimes be travel sick. A quiet passenger, but still nervous.

  • Commands known: sit, paw, this way


If you have any questions about Luna prior to sending an adoption enquiry form please email us at

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