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2x Part Time Charity Shop Managers

(Experience in retail and flexibility a requirement)


2 days:- (around 13.5 hours)

Pay:- Current Basic

Paid monthly:- BACS

Location & hours:-

Bewdley 10.00am-4.45pm

Stourport 10.00am-4.45pm

Kidderminster 9.00am-4.45pm

Working any day(s) of 7 each week including every Sunday

5.6 weeks holiday a year

See full job description below


Send completed application by email to or post to

Happy Staffie Rescue, Unit 2b-3, 4 Lisle Avenue, Kidderminster DY11 7DL


Job description – Shop Manager

The Employee is required to support the fundraising of Happy Staffie Rescue through the day-to-day retail operation of a Happy Staffie Rescue charity shop and related retail business activities and any other fundraising effort as specified in this Contract and the Employee Guide, with duties including:

  • Reading and accepting the Employee Guide as the basis of your duties and responsibilities within one month of commencing employment

  • Attending as required by your rota and place of work, and providing your services as an employee of the Employer for the hours of the shop

  • Having key-holding responsibilities

  • Organising, supervising, and managing the volunteer staff and maintaining the volunteer rota

  • serving customers and accepting payment by cash or card

  • receiving donated goods from customers and in so doing supporting them and offering your assistance and moving the donated items to appropriate storage areas immediately to prevent them becoming a hazard

  • proactively engaging with all donors of goods to advise them of the Gift Aid retail scheme and to sign up donors to this

  • adhering completely to the Gift Aid retail scheme, ensuring all relevant items are correctly barcoded and that all transactions are recorded correctly.

  • Serving a range of hot and cold drinks, pre-packaged food items and maintaining a clean and healthy environment for people to safely consume items on and off premises.

  • end of day sales and cash reconciliation

  • banking and cash handling

  • always following the Gift Aid procedures

  • using a Petty Cash Box for day to day expenses

  • working to achieve and exceed performances targets for the place of work on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

  • training coaching inducting and developing volunteers and new employees. 

  • use of computer systems which may include a computer, laptop, tablet, using Microsoft Office software, e-mail, internet, and photocopier.

  • responding professionally to telephone calls

  • providing electricity gas and water meter readings to the Finance & Admin Manager on request

  • merchandising, rotating, pricing and replenishing stock to include ensuring that all clothes are displayed in size order and that none of the rails or shelves or overloaded

  • housekeeping duties to ensure the shop is clean, tidy and free of hazards at all times including ensuring that

    • the washing up is done for the day

    • the shop floor is vacuumed, swept or washed as appropriate at the end of day

    • the internal bins are emptied

    • the premises are secured with all windows and doors locked

    • alarms are set and active

    • security shutters are lowered

    • any other housekeeping activity is undertaken at regular intervals to ensure that the shop is clean and tidy

  • any other duties as required for the successful management and operation of the charity shop

  • Other non-shop fundraising duties that may arise that may not be located in a charity shop but at another location for which travel expenses if required will be reimbursed or suitable transport provided, an example of this would be carnivals, country shows and charity bag packs

The Employee is not authorised to leave their place of work at any time other than:

  • making an official purchase on behalf of the Employer

  • for Banking duties on behalf of the Employer

  • postage duties on behalf of the Employer

  • in response to an emergency such as fire or criminal act


Places of work

The Employee are required to work at any of the following location(s) during employment:

  • 7 Carlton House, Worcester Street, Kidderminster

  • 38 High Street, Stourport

  • 27 and 27a Dog Lane, Bewdley

  • Unit 3/2b, 4 Lisle Avenue, Kidderminster

  • And at any other location within 60 minutes travel (from home to place of work) that may become available.

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