Buster arrived in rescue on 5 October 2020 as a stray. This means we have very limited history for him, other than what came through the pound and this in turn means we cannot accept homes with dogs, cats or children under 16 as we do not know if he has ever lived with them.


Buster is described as 4 years of age. He is a big, strong boy, that loves to play with balls and squeaky toys. He takes treats very nicely and will sit for them. He likes to give big sloppy kisses and have rubs and strokes.


Buster has entropion in one of his eyes. He will visit our vets before he is adopted to get this checked and to see if surgery is required while he is in our care. Buster also needs to be microchipped, vaccinated and neutered.


We imagine our assessment may change over the coming days as we get to know more about him.


The sort of home that we are looking for at the moment:

  • No dogs in the home or regularly visiting

  • No cats in the home

  • No children in the home or regularly visiting under the age of 16

  • Good strong fencing/walls, minimum 5 ft, preferably 6 ft in height

  • Adults in the home need to be confident, assertive and experienced with dogs

  • An average amount of exercise for a dog his age and size


Buster is strong, and he knows it. At times he walks nicely, at others he can pull quite a bit, or decide he wants to go a different direction and will need to be confidently handled and directed back to the direction he needs to go.


Any potential home needs to have experienced dog owners, preferably people who have had bigger stronger dogs before, and people in the home need to be confident and assertive.


On our first walks he has encountered dogs with mixed reactions. Two very small dogs who were quiet he ignored (though he did see them), a border collie that passed did get his attention and he was pulling hard to get over. There was no lunging, no barking and no growling.

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