Bruno came into rescue on 7 September 2020.


He is described as a 3 year old who is neutered and microchipped but not vaccinated.


Bruno is described by his previous owner as not socialised with dogs and he has never lived with cats. He is described as very good with children. On our walks we have seen how Bruno is not socialised.


Bruno arrived into our care with treatment for a skin allergy. He currently takes two x Apoquel 5.4mg per day. This may cost £44-50 a month. This was diagnosed and prescribed to him in the last month. Once adopted the future health and welfare activity for Bruno will become the responsibility of the new owner and in time the diagnoses may change. In the meantime we will be working with our vets to see if this is the most appropriate treatment for him.


In summary the home we are looking for :


  • No dogs

  • No cats

  • No children under 13 years of age

  • An active home where Bruno will get plenty of exercise

  • The home must have people experienced in owning a dog before.

  • No more than 2 hours left alone

  • Ideally no dogs next door

  • No cages/crating in the home


Bruno is a very loving, cuddly, people-friendly dog who loves human contact. He is quite boisterous, and may be a bit jumpy for some. He takes treats nicely, and will sit for them. He loves to give cuddles, and will jump on the sofa next to you. He is such a people person that he may struggle with long periods on his own, unless he has had plenty of physical and mental stimulation before hand. Despite the problems walking him Bruno is a truly beautiful and lovely dog, that just needs to find the right home with the right people.


Bruno does need some training, and would suit a home with people experienced in dogs. He needs some training on lead walking and we recommend he is always walked on a harness.



Our first walk with Bruno

We took Bruno for a first walk on the morning he arrived, taking along a popular canal and around a suburban estate. Bruno is not socialised with dogs, and has a very keen interest in pulling to get to them. He did not growl or bark, but he is strong, and required persuasion and some strength to get him to change direction. After the dog had passed his interest passed as well. Other people and vehicles did not bother Bruno on this first walk. Bruno did seem to get distracted occasionally, possibly by a sound or smell, and he then needed some persuasion, as well as strength to pull him away and get him walking again.


Subsequent walks

Bruno is great to walk when there are no dogs about. He will react when he sees a dog. This can vary, sometimes he is quite easy to manage and one of our dog walkers described his reactions as “playful”. With a lack of socialisation this means he may make noises like high pitched squeals, but there does not appear to be any aggression there. He will pull, and pull hard, and he can be handful during these moments, which is why a good harness is essential. He has not growled, nor has he bared his teeth. He may be wanting the other dogs to stay away.


As he may be reactive to other dogs, and because of his strength owners will need to be able to safely handle him. It may be possible to improve his socialisation in time, but this will be dependent on how the owner undertakes this and we therefore can promise whether training will work once he is in a new home. If you are lucky enough to live in an area with fewer dogs around this would be ideal. Living in areas with lots of dogs – or dogs next door will present any potential owner with the opportunity for more challenging times.



Statement from previous owner:

I have had Bruno as a rescue from someone for just over a month now. He has had a tough start in life and isn't used to being socialised and walked.

We have really tried to keep Bruno in the family and give him all the love and attention he needs but unfortunately I'm finding it very difficult to give him the exercise that he needs as myself and my partner work and have 2 children.

I think Bruno would definitely benefit from someone that can devote time to him. He is a very lovely natured boy and loves a lot of hugs and kisses, he happily smiles whenever given a bit of attention.

Bruno is very energetic and needs a lot of exercise which unfortunately I am really struggling to give him with 2 children in the house at a young age.

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