New boy Steff arrived 19 July 2022. He was born 14 October 2016 so he is almost 6 years of age.


Steff is an active, energetic and very loving companion who would prefer a home without dogs, cats or children.


He is already neutered, microchipped and vaccinated until January 2023.


The sort of home for Steff


  • No dogs, cats or small animals

  • No children under the age of 16 living in or visiting the home

  • Access to his own private secure garden, garden needs to have space for him to play in, preferably a lawn

  • Not left for more than 3-4 hours at a time, and only after sufficient exercise

  • An experienced, confident owner

  • Access to the sofa

  • Sleeps in own bed in owner’s bedroom


Steff is a lovely, good natured and very loving dog who will do almost anything for treats. He loves to play with large hard balls, like boomer balls which he can kick around in the garden with. Soft and rope toys usually do not last very long.



Steff must have had a bad experience with a dog in the past as he is not keen on them close, or if they bark at him. If dogs are coming towards him he is likely to bark and pull towards them. But if they are across the road and quiet he will likely ignore them. If dogs bark at him he will bark back and pull towards them. That said, in his previous home he did get used to a calm dog that went for walks together with him – though never off the lead, nor allowed to have contact.



Steff walks well, and has not had any issues with any of our volunteers on any of the walks he has been on.


Cats, small animals

Steff will chase off birds, small animals, cats, etc.



Very easy to handle, gets excited quickly. Loves company, and loves be close to you. Will do a lot of things for treats, and having treats to hand is a great way of motivating him and rewarding his good behaviours. Allowed us to fit him for a new harness and collar on arrival with no issues. No aggression or dominance to any of our people. He may occasionally do a little nervous/excited wee when his back is rubbed and he is excited.

Steff can become very excited very quickly so it is a good idea for him to find a calm home. If he gets very excited he might jump up, and he may mouth. He does not do this with any aggression but some people may find this unpleasant.



Absolutely loves to play, and particularly loves to play with boomer type balls – large hard plastic balls that cannot be picked up but can be rolled across lawns and other firm surfaces. He will play for a long time with one of these. He can be possessive of some toys, and the best way to get him to drop a toy is using a treat distraction technique. He has been known to pick up items and decide they are his!



Steff appears in very good health, a little overweight but otherwise he is not exhibiting any symptoms of any kind. He is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated until January 2023. Previous owner reports no health issues, no allergies or intolerances.


Further information provided by his previous owner:


  • Does not pull on the lead (unless he is reacting to a dog)

  • Not tried off the lead

  • Not travel sick

  • Does not like fireworks or thunder

  • No aggression to people

  • No dominance to people

  • May try and possess item he picks up – but treat distractions work

  • Never bitten anyone or animal

  • Commands known include sit, paw. If he becomes too excited, stand, fold arms and look away and he calms down

  • House trained

  • Time left alone 3-4 hours

  • Sleeps in his own bed, in owner’s bedroom

  • Reason for surrender is the health of the owner(s)