3 JULY 2022 - following a successful viewing yesterday, Rosco is now reserved and should be adopted at the end of the coming week.


Rosco is 2 ½ year bulldog that arrived with us on 19 June 2022. He is neutered and microchipped but not currently vaccinated.


Rosco is a happy, friendly, sociable dog that loves people and having sofa time and cuddles. He is no longer keen on dogs, and cannot live with small animals.


Rosco’s previous owner said that he had dermatitis which has been managed by changing his diet.


The home Rosco needs:


  • No dogs living in or visiting the home

  • No cats or small animals in the home

  • If children live in the home they should be 16+ (due to occasional mouthing)

  • Access to the sofa

  • Not left more than 2 hours at a time

  • Someone with knowledge of the breed and what he needs

  • A quieter home – Rosco does not like loud noises


Rosco is a very typical bulldog, and if you are not familiar with the breed he may not be the dog for you. You can find out more about bulldogs in general performing a search on Google and finding web sites that contain detailed breed information. 


Dogs, cats and other animals

Rosco used to be fine with dogs until he was attacked by a jack Russell. After this he became very fearful of dogs and may display fear aggression to keep other dogs away – this can mean pulling and growling at dogs to try and keep them away. He does not like cats and should not live with other small animals.



Rosco is a strong dog, and he does pull on his harness/lead. He needs a suitable amount of exercise for the breed, which generally means two short walks a day (20 minutes each). His previous owner has taken him for longer walks in cooler weather.



We are told that Rosco is a good traveller and not travel sick.


Taking treats

Rosco will sit, and will give his paw for treats.



Rosco is a sofa dog, and like most bulldogs loves his cuddles and human company. This is a requirement for any home he goes to. This is particularly important for the breed in general, which loves to laze about and relax, and preferably do so with their human family.



Rosco arrived in what appears to be good overall health. He is not currently on any medication but we have been told that he has suffered from dermatitis in the past, and this is a very common ailment for bulldogs, and may reoccur in the future. If you are not familiar with the breed please do read up on this. He has seen our vets who are happy that his dermatitis appears to be under control.

Rosco is already neutered and microchipped but will need to restart his vaccinations.

Note: he does not like his bum being messed with – any occasional wiping needs to be done swiftly. If temperature needs to be taken it needs to be done with Rosco properly secured as he may try and bite when it goes in.



Rosco loves to play, though he must be supervised during play as he has had a tendency in his past to break up and eat toys, and this can prove expensive to rectify. He loves tug toys. He can become too excited and may start to nibble or mouth when playing.


Further information provided by the previous owner


  • Acquired at 12 weeks of age

  • Used to be good with dogs until attacked by Jack Russell, now will pull towards them and growl

  • Will chase cats and rabbits

  • Has lived with children as young as 6 and 7, never aggressive but he has loads of energy and will accidentally knock them over

  • Does not like loud noises, hoover, mower, drills

  • Pulls on the lead

  • Good recall off the lead when no other dogs in sight

  • Not travel sick

  • Bitten owner once, when thermometer went in his bottom at the vets. Superficial bite.

  • Only ever once showed aggression the once, when the thermometer went up his bum

  • Loves food

  • Commands known include sit, paw, bed, stay.

  • House trained, but may not go through the night all the time

  • Can be left up to 4 hours

  • Slept on a bed in the lounge/kitchen

  • No food allergies

  • Suitable home – no other animals, older children