Princess arrived with us on 15 July 2022.


Princess is 7-8 years of age, is neutered and microchipped but will need to restart her vaccinations.


She is very friendly, loving and affectionate and a proper sofa dog. She loves to be on your lap or sitting next to you, offering up lots of kisses or rolling over for belly rubs.


The sort of home for Princess


  • No dogs or cats in the home

  • No children under the age of 8 years in the home

  • No cages/crates in the home

  • Access to the sofa

  • A reasonably active home, though exercise will need to be built up

  • Can be left for up to a maximum of 4 hours



Princess appears in good health though she is overweight, a consequence of not being walked much recently. We will be starting her off on regular short walks to get her to regular exercise again, gradually building her up for longer walks as we go. She has no symptoms and is bright, alert and responsive. We have been told she is already neutered.

Princess visited our vets on 20 July 2022 and everything was fine. She was extremely well behaved in the waiting room and being examined.



Has walked fine with our volunteers. When she saw dogs she started to pull a little but stopped as soon as her name was called. A little nervous around traffic. Very responsive, all in all an easy dog to walk.



Very easy to handle, very friendly and not at all bothered when we fitted her with a collar and one of our harnesses.

Takes treats nicely with no snapping and will sit for them as well.

When having a bath she was a little unsure when being picked up, but seemed to enjoy the massage bit. Was a little startled when water was poured over her but we think it was an okay experience for her.



Does not appear that interested in dogs. No bad reactions at all so far. Very well behaved in vets waiting room, and only a little pulling towards dogs when out on walks.

The last owner provided the following further information

  • No medical or health issues

  • House trained

  • Unsure what she is like around dogs

  • No good with cats

  • Good with children

  • Will chase animals

  • Will cry when left but does settle down. Can be left for up to 4 hours

  • Plays with toys

  • Sometimes pulls on the lead

  • Never been off the lead

  • Not travel sick – longest journey in a car was 1 hour.

  • No fears

  • Never bitten

  • Never shown dominance

  • Never shown aggression

  • Commands known – sit, paw (left and right), “gentle” when giving treats

  • Normally sleeps on duvet in kitchen at night

  • Food likes include carrots and bananas

  • Suitable home – no other animals, active family

  • Surrendered due to owner health