25/06/022: REHOMED!

23/06/2022: RESERVED!

Following successful viewing Pauly is now reserved and is due to be adopted on 25/06/2022.



Due to the very high volume of very good enquiries received we have already had to suspend Pauly. Please do not enquire now while he is suspended.

Pauly for rehoming on 17 June 2022. He was born, according to his microchip on 25 July 2018 so he will soon be 4 years of age.


Pauly is neutered and microchipped, but will need to restart his vaccinations.


Pauly is a friendly, loving, family dog looking for a home where he can have lots of sofa time and access to the whole home, sleeping in the new owners bedroom.


  • No cats in the home

  • No small animals in the home

  • If children live in the home they need to be aged 10+

  • Access to the whole home

  • Access to the sofa

  • Will suit a home where he can sleep in the same room as one of his human family

  • Access to his own private, secure garden (not communal)

  • Not left for more than 4 hours at a time



Pauly can pull a bit on walks. He is going to be getting used to longer walks while he is with us, and if he is adopted very soon after arriving the new owner will need to steadily build up his walking time from 2 x 30 minutes walks a day, gradually to longer walks as needed. He is young and fit, and just needs to get used to longer walks.


Dogs, cats, other animals

We are told that Pauly is not reactive to other dogs, but he will try and chase cats and small animals. We are not looking for a home with cats or small animals.


Pauly loves to play, and plays quietly (so far). He is very fond of balls and ropes toys.


Taking treats

Pauly will sit, and will give paw, and he takes even very small treats very gently.



Pauly appears in good overall health. Needs to add a bit of muscle which will come in time with more exercise and this will get him into shape. Otherwise his coat, skin, teeth are all great. His nails are a bit longer, but again with more exercise these will be worn down in time.


New people

Pauly comes across as a very friendly dog, a dog used to meeting people and although he was a little nervous when he first arrived this did not last long and he was very comfortable playing, taking treats, allowing us to put on and take off his harness and go for a short walk.


Further information provided by his previous owner:

  • Acquired as a puppy at 8 weeks

  • No medical conditions or health concerns/history

  • Not bothered with dogs

  • Not lived with a cat, will chase small animals from garden

  • Lived with children aged 6 months and up

  • Chases chickens and small animals

  • Fearful of fireworks and loud noises

  • Loves balls and rope toys

  • Pulls on lead

  • Good recall off lead and tends to stay close to owner (and their other dog)

  • Travels well, not sick

  • Never bitten

  • Never shown dominance

  • Never shown aggression

  • Commands known include sit, paw, lie down

  • House trained

  • Slept in daughter’s room/bed.

  • Free run of the house

  • Never caged/crated

  • No food allergies

  • Likes any food

  • May be able to live with a female dog, no other animals, okay with children