RESERVED: an offer has been made to adopt Patch following a successful viewing. Patch will remain in our care until 4 December while is neutered, has dental work and post-op checks.

9 year old cross Patch arrived in rescue on 14 November 2021. He will be 10 years of age in January 2022.


Patch is a very friendly, playful dog that has plenty of energy and loves human contact and company, and he has lived with cats and children before, but he has not lived with dogs before.


The sort of home for Patch


  • Access to his own secure private garden

  • A good amount of exercise and play each day

  • If children live in the home they need to be aged 10+

  • Patch has not lived with dogs before, and was trialled with another that did not work

  • No more than 3 hours left alone



Patch is a very friendly sociable dog that is great meeting new people. He loves having a fuss and having company and would better suit a home with someone there most of the time.



Patch does pull on the lead, and can weave left and right. He has not shown any willingness to chase small animals.



Patch absolutely loves to play and he loves tug toys and balls, and soft balls like tennis balls won’t last long.



Does not like fireworks, not keen on the rain.


His previous owner says

  • Good off the lead, never goes far and will come back

  • Doesn’t like having baths

  • Never bitten

  • Never shown dominance

  • Never shown aggression

  • Loves attention and fuss

  • Commands known – sit, paw

  • House trained

  • No food intolerances

  • Suitable home – active home with at least one walk a day, okay with children 7 years plus, did a trial with another dog but would not leave her alone.