Milo arrived on 6 May 2022. He is a lovely 6 ½ year old staffie, fully vaccinated (until August 2022), microchipped and neutered.


Milo came from a very loving home, where he enjoyed sofa time and often slept on the bed with his owner, something we will be looking to replicate in his next home as he loves his humans so much.


The home Milo needs


  • No dogs in the home

  • No cats in the home

  • No children living in the home under the age 13

  • Access to his own private secure garden

  • Someone home most of the time

  • Access to the sofa, and hopefully the owners bed

  • No cages/crates in the home



Milo is fine around other dogs out and about, but he can get excitable. His previous owner said he cannot live with another dog so we are only looking for a dog free home. Indoors Milo may try and be dominant over another dog.


Cats and other animals

Milo does not like cats and he will chase small animals. A home without small animals is a must.



Milo has lived with children aged 10, 12 and 15 before, but the previous owner believes he would better suit a home without children, or older children.



Milo is super easy to walk, rarely pulling and loving lots of long walks. He does not appear to have any fears on anxieties on walks, and does not react badly when he sees dogs. Milo has never been let off the lead in public.



Milo is super friendly and very loving, and he absolutely loves to give kisses, even to people he has just met. He can be very excited, especially when he sees his lead and harness and this can be a little game for a minute or so trying to get the harness on. This only last a minute or so, and he does not go for his lead on walks. He is very responsive to commands, and has been a very well behaved boy.



Milo does not appear to have any issues meeting new people, always being happy and eager to go for walk.



Milo absolutely loves to play with his toys, and becomes very excited. He is not keen on giving toys back, but having a variety of toys available is easy to distract him.



Although Milo has not seen our vets he appears in good health is drinking, urinating, defecating and eating perfectly normally. He walks well and appears injury free. His previous owner states he is in good health and has no ongoing health issues and no history of illness or injury.


Current diet

Arden Grange dry, with a small amount of wet food.


Fears, anxieties

Milo is not keen on fireworks.


The previous owner has also said:

  • Never bitten

  • No aggression

  • Dislikes lamb bones (makes him sick)

  • House trained

  • Maximum time left alone 4 hours

  • Sleeps on owners bed

  • Never caged or crated

  • Suitable home – no other animals, older children