Macey is a 2½ year old vaccinated and neutered female. She is returning to our care after several months with her last owner.


Macey is due to arrive on Sunday 6 December 2020, but we can accept enquiries now.


Macey is a beautiful young dog but is not going to be suitable for everyone. Please do read her assessment. Due to an expected high volume of enquiries we expect for Macey we will only be able to reply if we are able to arrange a viewing.


A summary of the sort of home for Macey

  1. No children under 13

  2. No dogs or cats in the home – Macey does not like either

  3. Someone at home most of the time as Macey does not like to be left

  4. Experienced, confident and assertive owners

  5. No crates/cages in the home


Since being adopted Macey has shown that she does not like other dogs, and may react badly including barking and lunging towards them.


Macey is described by her original owner as not socialised with other dogs and not good with cats and therefore we will only be looking at homes without dogs and cats. The original owner has also said that Macey is good with children, and has never bitten or nipped, and does not suffer from anxiety.


Macey may have separation anxiety when bonding with a new owner, and therefore we are looking for homes where she will be left for as little as possible. This may suit a home where someone is retired, but still very active as Macey is a young and energetic dog.


Macey loves being outdoors, and good sized secure garden would be prioritised. As Macey may be reactive to dogs we would advise not enquiring if you have next door neighbours that have dogs.


Indoors Macey can be excitable, but we are told she will settle down well. She is also described as house trained.


Macey will tend to mouth, but not in a malicious way. For this reason we have raised the minimum age for the children in the home purely to avoid any accidents.


The current owner of Macey has given us this further information:

  1. In good health

  2. Does not like other dogs, has tried to bite them if they get close

  3. Does not like cats

  4. No experience with children

  5. Does not like being left, including visitors and may start pulling at feet.

  6. Loves squeaky toys, pulling ropes, balls

  7. Does not pull on lead

  8. Not good off lead

  9. Not travel sick

  10. Only fear is being left alone

  11. Is dominating towards adult daughter

  12. Commands known – sit, paw, stay

  13. House trained

  14. Left for up to 5 hours at a time but would be better with someone home all the time

  15. Fed a combination of dry and wet food

  16. No allergies

  17. Reason for surrender is concerns with Macey around our adult daughter who is also pregnant.


During her short time with us we Macey was easy to walk. On day one we passed two dogs, one a rottie that did not see her and Macey was easy to walk on. The other dog was eye-balling her from a distance and adopting a dominant stance, and as they passed Macey growled, but it was not difficult to walk on. There was no rearing up or lunging. Unfortunately since being adopted Macey has exhibited more aggression towards other dogs. This may be because she had bonded with her new owners, and/or that as she settled her personality and behaviours were no longer inhibited, as they can be when a dog is in a kennel environment.


(Photos used are from August 2020).

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