Macey is returning to us on Saturday 10 October 2020. She is a beautiful young dog, but is not going to be the dog for everyone. This is a profile updated 6 October 2020.


Please read the entire profile carefully. We do expect a large volume of enquiries based on how she looks, but she will not be suitable for every home and lifestyle. Please let us know your experience with dogs as this will help us try and match the right home for her.


Due to the high amount of volumes we are currently receiving we will only be replying if we are able to arrange a viewing. If we do not contact you it does not mean you could not offer a suitable home, just that other suitable homes enquired before you, or were able to attend an earlier viewing than you.


Macey is 2 years of age, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. She was with us very briefly for a few days in August.


The home for Macey:

  • No dogs. Macey does not like dogs.

  • Never lived with cats

  • No children under the age of 16 living in the home

  • Limited amount of time left alone, no more than a couple of hours at a time, as Macey may have separation anxiety

  • A quiet calm home, preferably in a quiet area with few dogs around

  • Able to take Macey for walks to quiet areas, away from dogs

  • Experienced assertive and confident dog owners, used to a dog that can be very reactive to other dogs.


We are told Macey is in good health and is house trained. She knows commands such as sit, stay, paw, leave and no.


Macey can get very anxious and stressed around dogs, and can be a handful. An experienced confident and assertive owner(s) is essential for Macey. Your home ideally will be in an area with fewer dogs around, preferably no neighbouring dogs. Your dog walks should be done in areas where Macey will not see dogs, or where you can easily avoid dogs.


Macey has had dog training, and our conversations with the trainer indicate that Macey is a very bright dog that can get anxious around dogs, and therefore needs to be walked in places where there are fewer dogs, and where you can easily avoid dogs.


Her current/previous owner provided this additional important information:

  • Macey gets anxious when left for long periods, and may misbehave

  • She does not like dogs, and is reactive to them. She has bit a neighbouring dog before.

  • Once, when she was out on walk when she became anxious she bit her owner

  • Good with people

  • Aggressive towards dogs

  • Someone who can be with her most of the time

  • Loves playing with squeaky toys and pulling rope

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