Super friendly new girl Lola arrived for rehoming on 9 July 2022.


She is a 9-10 month old whippet/cross with a love brown-brindle coat.


Lola is a very active, bouncy, energetic pup that needs an active experienced owner in a pet free home.


The sort of home Lola needs


  • No other pets in the home

  • Access to her own large, private, secure garden

  • Preferably an experienced owner

  • An active home as Lola has lots of energy

  • Lola has separation anxiety so does not like to be left, so she needs a home with someone there all of the time, and patience to try and train her to be used to being left.

  • No children in the home under the age of 12

  • Access to the sofa

  • Lola would suit a home where she can sleep in the owners bedroom

  • No cages/crates in the home


Lola is a very friendly, bouncy dog. She is of whippet size/shape, very lean and athletic in appearance. She appears in very good health, is vaccinated until December 2022 and is microchipped.



Lola is a good dog to walk but she does walk at a brisk pace so would suit an owner who also walks at a good pace. If you walk slowly she may pull.



Lola loves people and loves having time with them, playing, cuddling, giving kisses. She can be quite full on sharing the love, bouncing and jumping up and so would not suit small children or people who do not like this.



Lola is great to play with and particularly loves tug toys.


Lola is in good health. She has see our vets, and was cleared to be neutered. She was spayed on 21 July 2022 and is now recovering nicely.


Her previous owner provided the following information


  • No medical/health issues

  • Wants to say hello to dogs, can be excitable

  • No good with cats

  • Never lived with children

  • Will chase birds, squirrels, small animals

  • Has separation anxiety

  • Pulls on the lead unless you walk at a brisk pace

  • Not very good off the lead, may come back, may not

  • Not travel sick

  • Sensitive to loud noises

  • Never bitten, but can be a little mouthy

  • No dominance

  • No aggression

  • Loves being outside in the garden, or on walks, loves playing

  • Generally doesn’t like hoovers, lawn mowers or hair dryers

  • Commands known sit, leave, wait, paw

  • House trained – but sometimes may have accidents

  • Time left alone – up to 3 hours

  • Dog normally sleeps in owners bedroom on her own bed

  • No food allergies

  • No known food dislikes

  • Suitable home – active family with older children. Someone with a large garden, and home most of the time.

  • Reason for rehoming – not getting on with cat in the home


Feedback from one of our volunteers who is having Lola stay at their home:

Just to let you know beautiful Lola is doing great. She had an hours walk in the morning yesterday and an hours walk in the evening, as well as her popping outside on the grass four times during the day where she was enjoying tummy rubs.  We are keeping her meal times to 8.00am and 5.00pm. 


We took Lola to Pets at Home yesterday and she was amazing - no reaction to the dogs in there even when they were barking.  She did whimper at the rabbits though.  We bought her a few toys and a Kong treat feeder for stimulation - she is enjoying the Wainwright’s grain free turkey treats.  She is not doing a lot of playing with her toys, but we are encouraging this.


When she is on the sofa and we pop into another room we are encouraging her to stay where she is - sometimes she will and sometimes she will not, which I am sure will happen over time.  Her hearing is amazing and she is very, very alert.   She really is a well behaved beautiful dog.  


No accidents in the home. Her lead is left by the door and she sniffs around it when she wants to go out.


2nd update

She has worked out how to get treats out of the Kong Gyro dispenser ball, she is now sitting in the back of the car by herself and happily looks out the window or lies down, she is staying where she is more and more when we leave the room and, if she does follow us it is only to see which room we are in and what we are doing and then she will confidently return to the sofa or the bed by herself. 


She is playing with her toys more, which we are encouraging and she is loving her walks. She had breakfast without the Wagg food this morning. 


Still no accidents in the home - she will go to the front door to let us know she needs to go out. We have had no problems with her so far. She truly is an amazing dog and just so very, very well behaved and loving.

3rd update 

Lola has truly made herself at home and we are so happy that she has.


She is a super energetic loving dog who requires lots of exercise. She greatly enjoys the outdoors - playing in the garden, walking in the parks and forests. She is also happy to walk on the streets where she responds well to commands we give her. She very much knows when walk time is and, if it does not happen at the time she is expecting it to she will remind us by bringing a shoe from the hallway to the living room door. 


Lola has been playing with her toys more and more, which is a joy to see. She loves playing with her Kong toys especially when they are filled with peanut butter and treats. She is really loving her small pink and grey ball and gets super excited when we play fetch the ball in the house.


Her separation anxiety is progressing slowly and although we have never left Lola on her own it is now possible for one of us to leave the house and for Lola to be happy with this - just be prepared to be kissed and licked repeatedly on your return. She is still anxious around the vacuum, but we have found if one of us sits with her at the same time this helps greatly. 


Lola will stand on the sofa to look out the window when she hears noises outside and if something interests her she will start pawing at you to let you know she wants to go outside to investigate.


Lola gets super excited when she sees children playing and does require calming. She will sometimes bark when she sees other dogs. She will also bark if there is a knock at the door.


We have taken Lola to Caffe Nero several times and she is always well behaved - we are usually there for about 40 minutes. We have allowed her the occasional puppuccino which she loves. We have also taken her into other shops and again she is always well behaved.


We have kept her meal times to 8.00am and 5.00pm each day.


We have given Lola salmon and broccoli which she loved. She also likes her doggy ice-cream.


We have nicknamed Lola 'Princess Supersonic' as when you think she is fast asleep, the second you open any food in the kitchen in a flash she is by your side.


Lola loves to be snuggled up on the sofa.


Before bedtime we take her outside and then she happily sleeps through the night. When she does rise in the morning she goes straight into the garden and when she returns her breakfast is waiting for her. She then has her morning walk.


When Lola needs the toilet she lets us know by going to the front door. At other times when she wants to go outside she will paw at you to let you know.


It is so easy to get on with jobs around the home with Lola. She is no problem whatsoever.


Lola is still mouthing, but we really feel over time this will stop.


Lola travels well in the car and is happy to sit or lie down during the journey. The longest journey we have been on is about an hour and we have experienced no problems with her.


We cannot stress enough what a well behaved and an amazingly good dog Lola is. Whoever has the privilege of owning her are going to be very, very lucky.