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RESERVED - due for adoption soon

Little Lily is a 16 month old small staffie girl. Despite her smaller size (19.3 kg) she is full of beans and is looking for an owner happy to have an energetic little whirlwind about the home.


The sort of home for Lilly


  • No dogs or cats in the home

  • No children under the age of 14 years

  • Access to her own private and secure garden (not shared or communal)

  • Access to the sofa for cuddles

  • An experienced confident owner

  • An active home with lots of walks and play

  • Minimal time left alone as she was not left very much in previous home



Lily is a lovely friendly dog, that loves giving you hugs and kisses. But, Lily does grumble around having a coat put on, or harness adjusted, and could involve a mouthing. She stops when you tell her to, but if this might put you off please do not waste our time and enquiring. Other than this Lily has been very well behaved.



Lily likes to walk at a brisk pace, so needs an owner that can do likewise. She gets 2-3 walks every day with our team of volunteers and the feedback has been great. Only occasional limited pulling.


Dogs and cats

Lily is not socialised with dogs, and may growl at them if they get too close to her. If you were to attempt introductions to other dogs these must only be done once Lily has properly settled with you, and most dogs take 1-3 months to properly settle. Fine in the vets on arrival, but on leaving she did have a bark at other dogs.



Loves to play, but is as quick as lightning. Not keen on giving toys back, so you have to be persistent to get her to do this.



Already full vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. May have occasional dryness around ears.


Further information from previous owner


  • House trained

  • Never interacted with children

  • Never been properly introduced to dogs, but once she was attacked by a Jack Russell.

  • Never bitten a person or animal

  • Never shown dominance – but may try and grab things dropped on the floor.

  • Used to sleep on owner’s bed

  • Commands known – sit, paw.

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