Layla is described as a 4 year old female.




Layla is a super friendly dog, and seems very happy, sociable and easy going.


At the moment we are looking at the following type of home:

  • No dogs (not lived with any)

  • No cats (barks at them)

  • No children under the age of 12

  • Access to her own secure private garden

  • Minimal time alone, simply because she loves human company

  • No cages/crates in the home


Layla is described as a very laid back, loving dog who loves her creature comforts and human company. She loves a walk and will go anywhere at any time. She would be great with an active family, or older people who are around more and love the outdoors.


Information provided by the current owner:

  • Has lived with children aged 11+

  • Is gentle and acts well around children outside the home

  • A bit clingy when it thunders or fireworks go off

  • Loves playing with tennis balls, likes a comfortable blanket and cushions

  • Walks on a harness and will walk beside you if you remind her

  • Good off the lead, will come back to a whistle

  • Not travel sick

  • Only time she might get growly is if another dog takes her tennis ball or bone

  • Can be a bit bouncy with smaller dogs

  • Commands known include sit, paw, no, bed, back, whistle to come back off the lead

  • House trained

  • Normally sleeps in her bed in the kitchen

  • Fed morning and teatime

  • No known allergies

  • Layla is very laid back loving dog who loves her creature comforts and human company.