Kia arrived into our care on 19 March 2020. She is estimated to be 6 years of age.


She came to us a stray so at the time we had no history for her. Since lockdown she has been placed in a foster home and thanks to their great input been able to give a more detailed assessment of the sort of dog she is and the best sort of home for her.


It is our belief that she would best suit the following type of home:

  • Where someone is home most of the time. It has been suggested she would be a good suit for a retired person/couple

  • No children under the age of 10

  • No cats – she doesn’t like cats

  • Loves human company, loves to be up close to her humans family, and most of the time. Would not suit being left for more than maybe a shopping trip.

  • Lots of opportunities to play

  • Possibly on a quiet road as Kia does like to be nosy and does like her guard duties so will bark at passers by if she can see them from a window


Her foster family have told us that Kia

  • Is very gentle, doesn’t snatch when given treats, etc

  • Is very affectionate, likes a cuddle, likes to be near you

  • Does not steal things


Kia loves

  • Playing ball in the garden, even prefers it to walks

  • Her favourite toy is a small rugby ball that she loves being thrown for her and will ‘drop’ on command, and she will play tug of gently. The rugby will go with her as it belongs to her.

  • To destroy tennis balls and any footballs she is given



On walks Kia doesn’t show any aggression towards other dogs, and appears very inquisitive – but she has not been ‘tested’ off the lead with other dogs. She is very nosy on walks, and likes to go all over the place investigating.




Although in good overall health Kia can occasionally have a limp on her leg. It appears to be almost like cramp, or when she is tired and maybe reluctant to put weight on it. She will allow you to rub it. It is normally gone the next day. We do not know the cause of this and a vet has given her a basic check. She is not on any medication for this and it may just be age related issued, but of course you need to be aware in case this develops into something else in the future.

She likes to sun bathe and you would need to keep an eye on the pale skin on the top of her nose as this can get burnt.



We have been told that Kia obeys all the commands instantly in the home, and eventually in the garden when she is busy playing. She seems to like children, her ears prick up when she hears them but she has not had any contact with children since she came in as a stray.



She sleeps all through the night after having a final wee before bedtime. She likes to sleep in the same room as her family, and has been sleeping on a chair in the bedroom.

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