Kenza arrived in our care on 27 August 2020.


Kenza is a female mixed breed dog aged 1 year and 8 months. She is vaccinated and microchipped but not yet neutered and is just coming out of season.


Please read the full description so you are aware of Kenza’s behaviours, temperament and history.


Due to the volume of enquiries we receive we will only be replying to suitable homes if we are in a position to arrange a viewing – e.g. if we have lots of enquiries from suitable people we will be responding in chronological order until she is adopted.


Summary of home suitable for Kenza

  • No dogs, she has not been socialised

  • Children aged 13+

  • Has lived with cats, but may chase them

  • A home where she will not be alone for more than 3 hours a day

  • An active home where she will get plenty of exercise and play as she is a young dog

  • Confident, experienced owner(s), who can help Kenza experience the world


Kenza is a young active and energetic dog. We expect similar from potential owners – although age is irrelevant we need to be confident that the new owners will be able to give Kenza the exercise she needs to keep her happy. On any viewing you will be expected to take Kenza for a walk on designated route that can last up to 45 minutes.


On her first walk Kenza showed that she was not socialised around dogs, and this is generally shown through pulling towards the other dogs. If other dogs are quiet she doesn’t appear to take much further interest, but if they bark at her she will bark back and will pull more. On her first walk she passed a small dog that barked at her first and she was very pully and trying to get to the other dog. The next dog was also small, but was quiet, and although Kenza was interested she was only pulling slightly. The third & fourth dogs were a pair of barking Labradors in a front garden. She did not bark back at them, those she was a little unnerved by their sudden outburst!


Kenza loves to play with tug toys and really likes squeaky toys. She can be quite vocal in the form of staffie growling, and will allow you to tug back but she is a strong and quick tugger and shaker of rope toys. She will drop toys on command and sit, give paw, and then fetch them back when through.


Kenza will take treats nicely, and calmly, but we are told she may be defensive over foods, bones, etc. so do not take these from her.


Kenza may be wary of strangers at first, so introductions should be done carefully, with time allowed for Kenza to feel at ease around new people. We have found that by introducing to lots of new people she is getting more confident and social and enjoying meeting new people. She is already showing our people how quickly she can bond, and playing is a big part of her enjoying her life.



Statement from previous owner:

She likes her squeaky toys she likes going for walks she likes pulling on rope toys with you she is up to date with vaccines worming and flea treatment she does tend to eat quickly and is sometimes sick and it’s really hard to get her to drink enough water

My daughter had her off a friend as a puppy but has lost interest in her I work so don’t have time to spend with her so most days she is shut in her own little room so she does cry a lot she isn’t walked very often so she is quite hyper when she is out she needs an active home with someone who is there a lot so she’s not lonely as it’s not fair for her to be shut in all day. I don’t know what she is like loose in the house as we left her once and she did wee and poo around the house that’s why we keep her shut in while we are out and she doesn’t make a mess when she’s shut in she needs to be walked every day which she isn’t at the minute I just want to find a loving home for her as she deserves better.

Kenza has never been in a vehicle, and does not like the vacuum, mop or bikes.

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