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Jasper came in for rehoming on 7 July 2024. He is a staffie-cross, just over 4 ½ years of age (born October 2019).


Jasper has a lovely friendly personality, but he loves human companionship and may suffer from separation anxiety and will need a home with someone there most of the time.


The sort of home for Jasper.


  • No dogs in the home

  • No cats in the home

  • No children in the home under the age of 12 years

  • Someone home most of the time as he may have separation anxiety

  • Not caged/crated in the home

  • Access to his own private and secure garden (not shared/communal)

  • An active home with plenty of walks, play, etc.

  • A calm owner(s)



A very friendly boy, very easy to handle, and allowed us to fit him with one of our collars, and one of our harnesses with no problem at all. Happy to meet any and everyone he comes into contact with, and has never shown any aggression or dominance to any of our handlers. Jasper is urgently looking for a home with someone there most of the time as he desperately wants company.

In the home

Jasper is quite stressed in kennels so we have temporarily placed him with one of our trusted dog walkers, who will foster him. She has given us this update on how he is in the home:

“Barked in the car all the way home, and scrambled to get out of car when the door was opened.

“Once in the house he was very unsettled, leaping from sofa to chair, chair to floor. Wasn't until around 9pm that he eventually settled and lay on the sofa.

“There's been no barking in the house, lay on the sofa on the evening and throughout the night. If our volunteer went to sit by him or gave him any kind of attention, the unwanted behaviours would start - humping etc so our volunteer would stand up and say no, he did this around 3 times then gave up and didn't do it again.

“The more attention/fuss you try and give him, the more excited he gets. She is talking to him in a soft, calm voice and occasionally giving him a stroke here and there (she feels terrible that she can't fuss him lots, but he gets too over the top if given too much attention)

“Did counter surf once but when told 'no' he listened well and got down.

“Had a walk on the evening, saw a dog at a distance and whined at it. He likes to walk ahead a little and did weave ever so slightly.

“He likes to play with his toys, very much enjoys soft/squeaky toys but also likes to behead them. Ok playing alone and doesn't demand attention/play from people. At first, he was following our volunteer everywhere but has soon settled and understands when she leaves the room, she will be coming back so has remained in the living room.

“Slept in living room on sofa all night, came into our volunteer's room at 6am and put paws on bed, told'no' and he listened and got off. By remaining calm, speaking to him in a soft voice and he hasn't done any unwanted behaviours since the first time when he arrived at her house. He does get very excited very quickly.

“Is taking treats very nicely, sits and instantly gives paw. Is eating any treat offered (would not take any treats at kennels as too stressed). Even likes the small grain free training treats.”



Jasper loves walks, and he is an active dog that will suit a home where he can get good walks, as well as play, training and companionship.


Moderate to brisk walker, very aware and nosy of his surroundings. Not bothered by traffic and happy to sit at the kerb. Has been in the car for longer walks and may bark every now and then but prefers to look out the window.


May get impatient if you are stood still, e.g. talking to someone and may bark. Very playful on walks.



Loves to play, and loves all sorts of toys. Loves chasing balls, and can be impatient for you to throw – may jump up, but if you tell him to sit, he does so instantly and immediately offers a paw.


We are trying him with a snuffle box, which he hasn’t shown much interest in yet, but if he does get into this, it is an excellent way of occupying (and exercising their brain) a dog.


Dogs and cats

We are told that Jasper has never been properly socialised with other dogs, though we only have his history since December, and not prior to this.


We are also told that he will chase cats if he has the chance.


On our walks if he sees a dog he tends to just whine a little at it, or a low quiet whimper.



Appears in good overall health, no signs or symptoms of injury or illness. Microchipped but not vaccinated or neutered. He will see our vet week commencing 8 July 2024 for a general check up and to restart his vaccinations. We will arrange neutering with his new owner after adoption.

Jasper weighs 23.6 kg.


Further information from a relative of the previous owner:


  • House trained

  • Used to being left for 1-2 hours at a time, but we believe he may bark – although neighbours have never complained. When left he had the run of the downstairs.

  • Never lived with another dog

  • Dogs – he was originally very excited, somewhat agitated, barking when he saw dogs. He has improved a lot now, and may only whine/whimper. He has had a dog come up to his face and bark at him, and he just whined/whimpered at it.

  • Never lived with children

  • Loves to play with toys

  • Never bitten

  • Never shown aggression

  • Never shown dominance, although he did ‘hump’ at first, he has stopped this.

  • Travelling – we do not think he is very used to it. May bark. Not travel sick, but only had short journeys

  • Loves all sorts of foods including bacon, sausages, cheese.

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