Lovely little 4 year old Iris arrived in rescue on 23 November 2021.


She is a shy little girl, who is looking for a quiet fun home.


Iris was born on 25 April 2017 and has lived with her previous owner since she was a puppy. She looks older than she is due to a grey muzzle.



Minimum time left alone. Iris came from a home where she was only ever left for an hour so we will be prioritising homes that can do this or very similar, up to a maximum of 2 hours left alone. We are looking for a calm, quiet home, with an experienced, patient and understanding owner. Iris can jump/flinch/cower at sudden movements.



Iris needs access to her own private secure garden.



Her previous owner says that Iris has an “atmosphere allergy, watery eyes”.

Iris has now seen our vets and is in good health. In common with a lot of smaller dogs she has lipodosis of her eyes which does not require any current treatment, and her vision is good. She has now received her 1st restart vaccination, is already neutered and already microchipped.



Iris comes across as a very shy, and a little nervous dog. She needs to learn how to play and experience the big, wide world.



Iris has never lived with children and because of her shy, quiet nature we will be looking for homes with older children, aged 14+.



Iris has never lived with cats before. We have been told by her previous owner that she ignores them when out.



Iris has not reacted to any dogs she has seen when out on walks while in our care. In the vets she was very well behaved around the dogs waiting. Iris has lived with a dog before and we are told by her previous owner that she ignores dogs when outside.



Her previous owner never gave Iris toys to play with so she will need to learn how to play. She has started to show some very low interest.


Other information provided by previous owner

Does not pull on lead

Not travel sick

Fearful of sudden loud noises and movements

Never bitten

No dominance

No aggression

Likes people, food, treats and attention

Dislikes sudden movements



Adopting Iris – things to know

The adoption contribution for Iris is £175.00. You will need to take Iris for a 2nd vaccination on 22 December 2022.