Hula is a former breeding dog that was rescued and brought into our care on 9 May 2022.


Hula is a big dog, a staffie cross, possibly with a mastiff or boxer, or something else big and cuddly. She is a heavy girl, with lots of big love to give.


Already she is showing herself to be very friendly, seeking affection, cuddles and treats despite her current pong.


We have very limited history for her, and her age is estimated to be no more than 5 years.


The sort of home for Hula


  • No dogs in the home

  • No cats or other animals in the home

  • No children under the age of 14 living in the home

  • A confident, patient and experienced owner

  • Access to her own private secure garden, ideally with some grass

  • Access to a nice big comfy bed, and possibly the sofa too as she loves human contact

  • car travel will involve using backseat or a ramp (see below)


Living in a home

Hula is used to living in a barn, and may not be house trained, but she has not messed her kennel once since arriving and certainly comfortable going to toilet outside. She arrived and did no mess in our ‘living room’ and we took her outside to our little garden where she went for an enormous poo and a big wee. Any potential owner will need to be willing to allow for accidents and help Hula get used to toileting outside – which she may take to very quickly, but may need some training to do.



Hula will need limited exercise in the short term. She has not long had puppies (14 weeks ago), and she is a big lass, with very long and crooked claws that our vet will need to clip back. She may not be used to walks, though she certainly has no fear of going outside and looks like she will really enjoy it.


Appearance and health

Hula has been bred from extensively, and this is very evident on her mammary glands which are sagging considerably. Hula saw our vets on 11 May 2022. She has dirty ears, which should clear up with treatment within 7 days. She has a bent nail on one paw which was from a trauma years ago that was not treated. The vet is happy that the nail is healthy and fully attached so does not require treatment.

Hula does have a large swollen area at the back of her mammary glands that the vet was unable to aspirate for analysis. Hula will have a scan and/or x-ray to determine what this could be.

She was as good as gold in the vets, and loved the fuss she got.



With no history for her, and due to her size we are setting the minimum age for children in the home to 14 years.



Hula has proved to be very easy to handle, and has not shown any aggression to any of our handlers. She has accepted a collar from us, and the use of a slip lead. She takes treats eagerly, but with no snapping or biting. This said, she may not be comfortable with everything you would normally do with a dog, and will need patience and understanding as she gets used to a normal domesticated dog life.

Car travel

Hula is a very good passenger but due to her size and weight she cannot jump up to boots. We move her on the backseat of cars, where she can clamber up, and with out assistance get in. You will need to be able to carry her in your car on the backseat, or invest in a sturdy ramp for her to access the boot. On the backseat she has proved to be a great passenger, sitting and just watching the world go by. She should not be allowed to jump from the boot.



Hula does not appear to know how to play yet. Almost all dogs in this situation will pick this up in time.