Fergie arrived in rescue on 6 June 2022. She was a stray dog with no history.

Profile updated 28 June 2022.


Our vet has estimated Fergie to be about 7 years of age. She could be older, but she is very active and energetic. She is full of energy and absolutely loves to go for walks and have playtime. Her energy needs a home (and owners) that can give her all that she needs.

Fergie has already proved to be a hit with our people and our dog walkers. She is full of beans, loves walks and loves human attention and company.


As a stray we have to limit the type of home she can go for:


  • No dogs in the home

  • No children under the age of 10 living in or regularly visiting

  • Access to her own private secure garden

  • Access to the sofa, she loves cuddles

  • Will prefer to sleep in the same room as her human family

  • an active home as she has lots of energy


Fergie appears in very good health but for an ear infection. She saw our vet on 7 June 2022 and she had treatment to clean and clear the ear infection up. Fergie is microchipped but she is not thought to be neutered. She has now completed a restart vaccination course.



Fergie loves to play. She loves all sorts of toys, and loves to fetch balls and give them back when asked to 'leave'. She absolutely loves to play with a boomer ball, and these games can go on for a long time. She does bark during games, especially if you are too slow, she likes to keep playing and having fund. 


Whatever her true age she has lots of energy and will play for long periods. 



Fergie is easy to walk with little or no pulling, no reactions to any other animals so far and easy to handle. Our volunteer dog walkers fed back “saw dogs, no reaction, but reassured her as dogs were seen in distance,” “fine with traffic,” “fine with people passing by,” “prefers a short leash, will bark if on longer leash,” “will sit if asked and looks for fuss after responding to commands.”



Very easy to handle. Happy for us to fit her with one of our harnesses. No problem putting back to or removing from kennels. She knows commands of sit, paw, leave and kiss.

Since being in our care Fergie has spent a lot of time with one of our volunteers in their home and this is the feedback we have received:

"Fergie is lovely, she's great around other animals and fine with dogs when out walking. The only thing she does do is whine as if she is saying hi. She doesn't really pull on her lead and loves long walks so will need to be with someone who is very active.

"She loves to play with all sorts of toys, she loves to fetch balls and gives them back when asked to 'leave.'

"She loves squeaky toys and will shred any teddies to pieces in seconds. 

"She can be quite boisterous and bouncy, but also loves a cuddle on the sofa. She likes to sleep in/on our beds or sometimes on the sofa.

"She knows the commands sit, paw, leave and kiss.

"She has never shown any aggression towards anyone she has met with us. She's great with my daughter.

"She has never messed in the house, and will go to the door if she wants to go outside.

"She's pretty perfect."