Diesel arrived in rescued on 16 October 2020. He is a 7 year old boy who is now available for viewing. He is due to be neutered on 23 October 2020.


Diesel is a friendly boy, but he can be a bit shy of meeting new people. He is a reluctant walker, and will need an understanding owner who can hopefully work with him to build up his confidence on walks. However he may be a dog that prefers to be kept entertained and played with at home.


Please read the profile we have for Diesel at the moment. He will need a particular type of home, and that home will need to be calm and in quiet area or neighbourhood. He can be nervous of sudden sounds, such as fireworks.


The ideal home for Diesel:

  • No dogs

  • No cats

  • No children under the age of 13

  • Minimal time alone – Diesel does not like being left alone.

  • Quiet, calm home, in a quiet neighbourhood or area. Diesel would not suit city life or a busy environment.

  • Would suit experienced owners, possibly retired so that he has more company at home


Diesel is a friendly dog, who likes to play with toys and takes treats nicely. He will sit and give paw on command.


His previous owner told us that Diesel was attacked by another dog two years ago and after this he became reluctant to walk. He has put on weight which he will need to lose, and any potential owner will need to understand that getting Diesel used to walking again may take some time – if it can happen at all.


Diesel appears in good health, but is a little overweight. He may have an allergy to some types of food, and his previous owner pinpointed this as being Baker’s foods and treats.


Diesel is microchipped, but will need to have his 1st vaccination and be neutered before he is adopted.


His previous owner has told us that Diesel is

  • Not socialised around dogs

  • He is not with good cats

  • He has lived with older children – he was a puppy around a 10 year old, and group up with this child

  • He may chase small animals

  • Does not like being left at night, hates sudden noises, becomes scared when left alone

  • Loves to play with squeaky balls, tug ropes

  • Does not pull on the lead

  • Is not good off the lead

  • Not travel sick, but may pant

  • Does not like Bakers food

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