25/06/2022 - REHOMED!

RESERVED - Leo will be adopted on 25 June 2022 following his neutering next week.

Leo arrived at our centre on 9 June 2022 as a stray, a dog with no name so we have called him Leo. He is a staff-x but with very little information about him will limit the homes he can go to.


Leo comes across as a very friendly dog who may be a little shy meeting new people at first. His age is estimated at 5-7 years.



The essentials for Leo


  • No dogs in the home

  • No cats in the home

  • Not left more than 4 hours on his own

  • Minimum age of children in the home is 14

  • Access to his own, secure, private garden

  • Owner able to manage minimum 2 x 30 minutes a day

  • Access to the sofa – he loves cuddles.




Leo is easy to walk, does not pull. Very inquisitive on walks and likes to get his nose working.



Leo is very easy to handle, has got used to our people, wearing one of our harnesses and the regular interactions we give dogs. He has been known to give little grumbles, but none of this appears to be related to any aggression and is usually around positive things, like having a harness fitted to go for a walk. He has not shown any aggression to any of our staff or volunteers.

He can be excitable and may jump up.

He can sometimes dribble and he loves a fuss.

Taking treats he can be a little too keen.



Leo has the appearance of being in good overall health. He does have a very small skin tag on right side.



Leo has not shown any bad reactions to any dogs he has seen on walks. He is not bothered by the sight of them.



He can be a little anxious at the start of journeys, and is better if someone is sitting with him. He has not been travel sick.



Leo has started to show signs of playing, but it does appear a new thing for him at the moment. When he does have a toy he may be possessive of it and reluctant to give it up. Distraction techniques with treats as rewards can help.

Feedback from volunteer who had Leo for an afternoon in their home:

  • gets tired after 30 minutes walking

  • cries a little in the car, does a run up and can get in the boot. Overall he was good.

  • knows "sit" but only does it for a reward

  • likes treats

  • knows the loo is outside

  • loves fuss and people

  • likes to follow people

  • no pulling on the lead, ok with cars, not bothered with dogs

  • very inquisitive

  • doesn't know toys

  • dribbles

  • may jump up and snatch treats, would have to be careful of small children. We did eat around him and he sat.

  • loves the sofa

  • got jumpy when his ear was rubbed

  • no aggression

  • he is a beautiful boy and we had a great day