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Dog non destruction policy


In line with most other rescues we maintain a realistic non destruction policy. It is never about money, or how long a dog is in. It is never about a dog being difficult, or perhaps unpopular. It is not about prospects, as we do not know when a dog will or will not be rehomed, and the longest stay we have is a dog that has been with us since 2016 and cannot be rehomed.


This means that we will never put to sleep a dog, regardless of how long it is in our care except for the following reasons:


On veterinary advice, where it is clear that the dog is suffering, in pain and in distress, for reasons of ill health or accident, and where there is no reasonable prospect of alleviating this, and therefore euthanasia is in the best interest of the dog. When we make a decision like this we are thinking as dog owners, and thinking what we would do if this was our own personal dog.


If an animal is a danger to humans because of behaviour it has exhibited that presents a very real threat to the welfare of humans in contact with the dog, including but not limited to examples of attacks and/or displays of incurable vicious and aggressive behaviour. In search circumstances veterinary advice would also be sought.


There may be another reason, if we are ordered to do so by a Court, or a law, or other such legal manner.

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