Cheeky Chucky arrived with us on 30th June 2022. He is said to be approximately 9 years old, although his energy reflects that of a younger dog.


Since arriving in our care Chucky has been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and is now fit for rehoming.


Chucky is a pocket sized, happy, friendly, cocky little boy (weighs 17kg) who just loves human contact. He loves meeting new people; he is bursting with energy.


The kind of home for Chucky would be:


  • No dogs in the home

  • No cats in the home

  • Would probably best suit a single person household, though this is not essential as he has bonded with both men and women in our care.

  • No children living in or visiting under the age of 14.

  • Not left alone for long periods, preferably someone with him all day.

  • Access to own private secure garden

  • A good amount of exercise, Chucky is quite active.

  • No cages/crates in the home.

  • An owner willing to work with Chucky who may need to get used to living in a home and to being left alone.



Chucky has seen our vets on 5 July 2022 and has now been microchipped and is vaccinated. Chucky was neutered on 3 August 2022 and is recovering very well and can resume short walks.



Chucky walks at a steady pace with little or no pulling. Due to his size, he is easy to walk. His previous owner used to regularly jog with him, so he is used to a good amount of exercise.

We are told he may react to some dogs while out walking, but so far, we have only seen him pull towards them, no barking, lunging or aggression. Some dogs he may just ignore. But in the confines of a vet waiting room Chucky was unsettled and growling at dogs he saw.

He can on occasions stubbornly refuse to go a certain direction but he is not difficult to move on, either by waiting or simply gently lifting the lead (and therefore his harness) and it gets him moving again.



Chucky is a pocket rocket with bags of energy, he will require patience and understanding to help manage his occasional nibbles.

He has allowed us to fit him with a collar and harness, this has proven to be a game at times as he’s so wriggly.

He has been used to an outdoor kennel so is not recently domesticated, he will require some time to adjust to an indoor way of life. He will not be rehomed to a home with an outside kennel. He has however adapted immediately to our routine, where he gets to come of his kennel every 2 hours. This means his kennel is almost always clean.

Oh, and he absolutely loves belly rubs!



Chucky loves to play, especially with a tug toy. He knows commands such as "sit" “lie down” & “wait”. He likes to play tease with you, and not give toys back. But, if you stop playing, or have a toy that he wants he may jump up very quickly. He does not like to give toys back, so to fool him we just use two, and this gets him to drop the original item. Soft toys were last moments.


Whoever adopts Chucky will need to be able to put the time in to train him to be more used to living in a home. He is fascinated by cushions and throws, and will see these as toys.



The following is information provided by the previous owner:


  • Aged 9 years

  • Acquired age 4

  • Not neutered

  • He likes some dogs and doesn’t like others, was attacked by another dog so can be a little unsure of dogs

  • Lived with children

  • May chase cats and squirrels

  • Never bitten any animal

  • Never bitten a person but does love to nibble

  • Anxious when owner leaves

  • Not house trained, used to being outside

  • Loves bananas

  • Travel sick on journeys longer than 20 minutes