6 year old Bullseye has had to return to us about 2½ years. Unfortunately the home circumstances have changed and he is now looking for a new home.

He's a sweet little rascal of a dog, very cute, loving human company and loving to play, particularly with squeaky toys that he will carry endlessly around.


Bullseye is a dog that needs a very understanding and patient owner. He has some behavioural needs, namely in still mouthing and nibbling excitedly. He is also very focused on chasing his tail. This will need to be actively discouraged to try and break the cycle. The easiest way to do this is allow Bullseye to play with toys, and he is happy to run around with a squeaky toy.


Bullseye is already neutered and microchipped and will need to restart his vaccinations.


The sort of home we are looking:


  • No dogs in the home

  • No cats in the home

  • If children live in or regularly visit they need to be aged 14+

  • Not suitable for living in a flat/apartment

  • Access to his own private secure garden

  • Someone home most of the time


Bullseye is a very happy, excited, perhaps over-excitable dog, a real fidget-monster that loves human company. .

Bullseye can nibble excitedly, frequently and this is often not very nice, however he does not do it all the time, and is easily focused away with toys.. He can also be focused on chasing his tail which we try to discourage at every opportunity, again toys help this stop immediately.

Bullseye has never bitten anyone with aggression, but his nips/nibbles may be painful for young children or those with sensitive skin.



On walks Bullseye may need some encouragement to get going but can then walk good distances. He was once attacked by another dog and this can sometimes mean he will react when he sees other dogs in an attempt to keep them back. For this reason Bullseye cannot live with another dog. It is best to walk Bullseye on a harness so that you can comfortably move him along he decides he wants to stop.



Bullseye does not like being left, and we are looking for a home with the minimum amount of time alone. In his last home he was originally not left very much at all.