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Bobby & Hugo

This cracking pair, Bobby and Hugo arrived for rehoming on 28 June 2024. Both boys, Bobby the staffie is estimated to be about 6-7 years, and Hugo the French bulldog/pug cross is 3 ½ years of age.


This seemingly inseparable pair are looking for the following home


  • No cats in the home – we have no history as to whether they can live with a cat.

  • No children under the age of 12 years.

  • Access to their own private and secure garden (not shared or communal).

  • Access to the sofa for cuddles.

  • We do not know how long they are used to be left for, but definitely not more than 4 hours



Two very friendly, very happy dogs.

Bobby the staffie appears happy to go and do his own thing, loves sniffing around the garden and investigating, playing with toys.

Hugo likes to be wherever anything is happening, whether this is sitting with you, or with Bobby.

They allowed us to fit them with new collars as soon as they arrived and fit them with our temporary harnesses. They were no bother doing this and were very patient.

Hugo the Frug (French bulldog/pug) will snort and grunt in the usual way these dogs do.

Both dogs take treats very nicely with no snatching. Hugo in particular is a bit of a hoover when it comes to food!



What a dream to walk. We have found that both dogs can easily be walked on the lead with one hand. There is no pulling, although Bobby may walk at the length of the lead there is little or no tension, and Hugo is usually trotting behind him trying to catch up.

Bobby is definitely more active, and therefore they may benefit from a home where he can go for longer walks, as we found Hugo was having enough after 15-20 minutes. Our walking regime while they are with us is two 30 minutes a day for Bobby, and maybe three 15 minutes for little Hugo. This is not necessarily what you will need to do.

They ignored dogs completely, were not fazed by traffic, or people. Happy to do their toilet on the walks and no trouble at all.



Bobby the staffie likes toys, but definitely favours tennis balls, and will happily fetch them. He has even allowed us to take toys from his mouth. He will sit, but he can get impatient and will jump up if you have something he really wants.

Hugo likes some of the toys, and like his brother favours tennis balls. He will chase them, but does tire quickly, and will instead focus on having a fuss and being a lap dog.

Both dogs were in the same room being played with and there was no indication of any possessiveness or dominance over toys. Hugo much preferred to have a sit and cuddle next to you while you throw Bobby toys.



Both dogs are microchipped, and have now seen our vet and had their first restart vaccination.

For little Hugo the Vet says his weight is fine, breathing is fine for a dog of this type/breed. Checked trachea and confirmed it is soft which is good news. Breathing is about as good as can be expected for breed/type. No skin issues. Hugo wasn't bothered about the injection. Ok being handled and will let you do anything for a treat. Long distance walks will always be an issue for him but short walks are fine. The snuffling/snorting noises he makes are to be expected (breed/type). Once he's reached 6 = its a possibility he 'MAY' need surgery for his nose. The vet did emphasise 'MAY' as he could go through his life with absolutely no issues at all.
Took part in a Dog treat taste test, 8 bowls of different treats and bless him he sniffed every one before deciding his favourite was in the green bowl. He got a soft toy ice cream for taking part and also had his photo taken for their social media.

For Bobby: In the waiting room really good, sat next to a cat and wasn't bothered, did cry and was a bit stressed. Consultation, everything fine, did muzzle him to do his injections and feel his scrotum. He only has one testicle, the other one will be inside him, when he's castrated he will need to be opened up as it wont be a a easy castration. GHC all good no problems.

Bobby the staffie is 21.05kg.

Hugo the French Pug is 12.75kg.

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