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BLAKE is suspended. Please do not enquire to adopt him.

Blake is 7-year-old crossbreed (born December 2016) he arrived for rehoming on 20 February 2024.


Blake is an interesting character, who we had in our care way back in 2022. He has been with his last owner for just over a year but unfortunately has had to come back to us (see below for more information).


The sort of home/owners for Blake.


  • No dogs or cats in the home

  • An experienced, confident owner

  • No children living in the home or regularly visiting under the age of 16.

  • Not left for more than 4 hours at a time

  • Access to the sofa for cuddles

  • Access to a secure and private garden (not shared or communal).



Blake is a very loving, friendly dog who when he first came to us had a lot of issues and very little training. We worked hard with him to give him the basics, such as sit, paw, taking treats nicely, but he is still a bit rough around the edges – can pull on walks for example.

Blake used to mouth a lot, something he has more or less stopped doing.

After twelve months in his last home (four adults), he suddenly bit the adult son on the hand. He has done it several times since, all to the same person, and in the same place. The owners could find no reason or trigger for this and +have had to return him because of it.



Blake has a deformed shoulder joint, which has already been checked by specialist vets and they have advised that there is little that can be done. So, Blake walks with a bit of wobble, and he loves his walks, but has to be limited to 30 minutes at a time otherwise it might cause him discomfort.

If walked with a harness Blake may pull, and he is strong despite his shoulder problem. If walked with a figure-of-8 head collar (which he isn’t super keen on) he will walk much better.

For most of the time despite pulling Blake is easy to walk. He may have the odd outburst at a dog, or a passing vehicle, but most of the time he will ignore these, or just watch dogs.


Dogs and cats

Blake originally came to us as a stray, so we had no history for him. He was quite reactive to dogs back then, but this has improved. The last home did not introduce him to other dogs, but he has some accidental close encounters which went off fine. The previous owner also said he is more reactive when walked on the harness, whereas with the figure-of-8 collar/lead he is better behaved.

He has never lived with cats and we do not think he would suit a home with cats.



Blake loves to play but play needs to be carefully controlled so that he does not injury his shoulder. But he will happily play for as long as you. If you allow play to get too exciting/intense he may start getting a bit over the top, and he could mouth. Keeping play calm, and with regular breaks works best.



Blade has now seen our vet and has had his 1st restart vaccination and Kennel Cough vaccine.. He is already microchipped, and we neutered him in 2022.

Shoulder has already been extensively looked at, and at the moment he takes VetIQ Arthriti-Um twice a day. He may need Metacam in the future.


Further information provided by the last owner:


  • House trained.

  • Used to being left for 4 hours at a time, 3 days a week.

  • Usually sleeps/stays in heated utility room when left alone.

  • Walks well with the figure-of-8 head collar/lead.

  • Never caged/crated.

  • Good traveller, likes to hang his head out the window, not travel sick (longest journey one hour).

  • Loves sausage, bacon, toast.

  • Loves to play.

  • Loved the dog groomers.

  • Loves food, fuss, people.

  • Commands known include sit, paw, bedtime.

  • Very good meeting new people coming into the home, though when we first got him, we did keep him separate until he was settled with us.

  • Reason for surrender – unexplained biting of right hand of adult son since December (4-5 occasions) and cannot work out why.

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