Blade was a stray that arrived at our centre on 30 April 2022. He has very little history and this will limit the home he can go to.

Please note he was previously listed as Billy as this is the name the pound gave him, but his chip shows his name is Blade.


Blade on his microchip has a date of birth of 20 December 2016, making him 5 1/2 years and is a crossbreed. He is medium-large sized dog, strong and athletic.

Blade has proved to be a very loveable, playful, cheeky chap, who has become a firm favourite with our peoples. But for the ear nibbles he loves to give hugs and kisses.


Blade is going to need a home as follows

  • An experienced, confident and assertive dog owner

  • No children living in or visiting the home under the age of 14

  • No dogs, cats or other pets in the home

  • Access to his own private secure garden

  • Blade may not be used to being left alone in a home environment so we are looking for minimal time left alone, and an owner willing to work with Blade to get him accustomed to being left for short period

Blade is a strong, confident dog, and needs an owner that match this otherwise Blade will think he is boss.



Blade has proved to be very well behaved since arriving in our care. He has allowed us to fit a harness to him, and he super excited to see us. He has bursts of energy and likes to run. He is easy to take from and to his kennel without a lead (though treats help). He is a good boy, and will sit on command, but does not appear to know paw.



Blade loves his walks, and after starting him on short walks he now goes for two 30-40 minute walks a day. He loves his walks, and will go for longer and may be able to manage this and we will continue to extend his walking time.


We have no history for Blade. He arrived in what appears good health but for his bandy front legs. Our vet has checked him over, and has prescribed Metacam as an ongoing medication to ease any inflammation he may have. He is now capable to go for 30-40 walks, and loves good play sessions. He has on 8 June had his 1st restart vaccination, and will be having x-rays just to get an idea of what is going on with his legs.

Blade is microchipped but will need to restart vaccinations and be neutered. We may neuter Blade after he has been rehomed.


Taking treats

Blade may snatch treats too quickly, and so we give treats from the palm of our hands which he takes quickly, excitedly but without nipping. Bigger treats need to be given carefully, using wait commands and basically not hanging around.


Dogs and other animals

As we have no history for Blade we are not looking for homes that already have a dog, or other animals.

On walks Blade may be interested in dogs, and he may pull towards them. He has not shown any aggression to dogs on walks. In the vets, when a dog came in that was yapping he did become quite excited, pulling hard and seemed to be quite anxious, but he was not barking and not growling.

In the vets examination room he was calm and patient while being examined until the needle. Then he was a big baby, rolling on the floor and trying is best to avoid the jab. He was certainly not aggressive, but did try his best to avoid getting injected.


Blade absolutely loves to play, and will play and play and play, especially with a boomer ball which he can knock around to his hearts content. Blade can play rough, meaning he will jump to catch tug toys, and may be too eager so playing with longer tug toys is advised. Blade does not currently give toys back, but he can be distracted with other toys, or with treats, and he is not aggressive around toys. He will be occasionally vocal with the boomer ball.

Blade is a loveable dog that wants lots of love back and with the right confident owner he will be a great addition to the home.