Bettie is a 7 year old cross who arrived in rescue on 20 May 2021. Her date of birth is 3 September 2013 (8 this year).


She is a fun, loving, a little bouncy, and athletic dog with a lot of energy and a lovely soft coat. She loves giving affection, offering lots of kisses and one of her favourite thing is a hug. She has been spayed and is microchipped, and will have her 1st vaccination when she sees our vets this week, and we may need to have her teeth cleaned before she is adopted, but she is now available for viewings with suitable potential homes. She weighs 23.15 kg.


Bettie came to us because she was not getting on with the dog she lived with. Therefore we will be looking for a dog free home for Bettie.

Bettie has really come out of her shell since arriving on 20 May 2021, and she is showing she is a very affectionate loving, but excitable dog. She does not seem to have a problem meeting new people, and enjoys nice long walks and absolutely loves playtime. She would benefit from an owner who can give her some basic training in her new home. She may have a fear of fast moving, oncoming, traffic, particularly on narrow roads.

Bettie is a dog that needs a calm, confident and assertive owner.

The home for Bettie will have

  • No dogs

  • No cats (she has not lived with them)

  • No children under the age of 14 in the home or regularly visiting

  • Access to her own private secure garden

  • A calm, relaxed home

  • Someone who has owned a dog before, who is confident but understanding and can give her plenty of exercise and play

  • Someone home most of the day, No more than 2 hours alone.

  • Minimum 5 ft fencing/walls around the garden

  • No cages/crates in the home


Our initial assessment:


Taking treats and food

Bettie takes treats gently. We do not food test any of our dogs.

We have moved Bettie over from the diet she came in with to Arden Grange dry mixed with some occasional sardines.



Bettie has average strength for a dog of her size, and looks forward to her walks. She seems to have a lot of energy and would need an owner able to walk her and exercise her sufficiently. She can occasionally react to some dogs on walks by trying to leap towards them. We have not seen any barking or growling at dogs yet, and she has only done this to one dog, and she has even been calm around dogs barking at her.



Bettie plays nicely, will sit and give paw before a ball is thrown which she will retrieve and bring back. She will drop it, and for our handlers she has started to allow us to take the ball from her. She absolutely loves to play, and is a very happy eager player.


Meeting people

Despite what we have been told Bettie is great meeting new people. She may be a little nervous at the start, but as long as people are introduced calmly she responds very well, and is able to go off for walks with people she has just met.

She has shown no aggression to our people, and within an hour of arriving was giving kisses and sitting next to people for short periods. As she stays with us her confidence has grown. She has now met more than a dozen 'strangers' without any problems.


We have got Bettie used to a harness which she is now very well used to putting on. She may sometimes pull on a the lead. She understands the “sit” and “paw” commands. She can be bouncy, will jump up and will be keen to give kisses, but is responsive to instructions. She can sometimes be quite in your face, but we have only seen her give affection or want attention, but for small or frail people this bouncy excited nature would be too much. Bettie does not like the vacuum.

Bettie loves to give hugs, with you kneeling down and her paws on your shoulders prepare for wet ears!


In kennels (including toilet behaviour)

Bettie has been clean in kennels, despite reports of having “accidents” in her previous home. She does toilet regularly, and therefore will need regular access to her own garden. Since she has arrived she has not once messed in her kennel.

At the vets

Bettie came to us with a history of being stressed and anxious in the vets. We have taken her to the vets twice. On the first visit, although anxious she was not difficult to manage and the vet was able to examine her. On her second visit, when she had to be left to stay for dental work she became very stressed, and was difficult for the veterinary staff to handle.


Information provided by previous owner:

The following list is information provided by the previous owner on a form given to us at the time Bettie was surrendered to us by a third party. We have not amended this list, and our own assessment will be written in the text above.

  • Plays with toys

  • Has anxiety (see below)

  • Fears of fireworks, left on her own, loud noise

  • Pulls on lead

  • Not good off lead

  • Not good with dogs

  • Not good with cats

  • Will chase other animals

  • Not good with children

  • Not travel sick

  • Travels fine

  • Has toilet accidents in the home (HAPPY STAFFIE NOTE: since arriving on 20 May 2021 Bettie has not messed in her kennel once)

  • Neutered

  • No food allergies

  • Likes biscuits, treats

  • Used to being left for a couple of hours

  • Temperament – nipping, jumps up, pushes back, aggressive occasionally, doesn’t like strangers (HAPPY STAFFIE NOTE: we have introduced her to over a dozen strangers and she has not had any issues. She has not shown aggression to any person).

  • Commands known – “no!” sternly (HAPPY STAFFIE NOTE: all understands sit, and paw)

  • Would suit someone living on their own

  • Reason for surrender – too aggressive to owner with current health issues (HAPPY STAFFIE NOTE: we have not seen any aggression towards any person since she came into our care)