Benson is a returner to our care after 3 months in his new home.


He is thought to be an American bulldog cross, possibly with a boxer and staffie (veterinary advice). He is estimated to be about 2 years of age, and is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated (L4, DHP) until March 2021. He weighs approximately 21 kilos.


Benson is an extremely loveable, very playful, full of life dog who loves to go for walks, have fun and play. He is very good on his walks, rarely pulling and rarely distracted by many of the things that would normally distract other dogs. He is quite strong, but rarely shows his strength. He does occasionally ‘mouth’ without knowing his strength and you must be aware of this, and know that while in some dogs it is easy to train out of them, for others it is just how they are. During his time with us Benny has never hurt any of our staff with mouthing.



Priorities for Benson would be

  • A home where someone is there most of the time, no more than 2-3 hours alone.

  • Confident experienced owner who has had dogs before

  • A private secure garden, fencing/walls of 5 ft height

  • No children under 13

  • No other dogs (see below)

  • No cats (we have no history of him living with any)

  • No crates/cages

  • A calm, confident fun home where he can have lots of play and exercise



Benson originally came to us as a stray so prior to his recent adoption we had no history on him. We do not know whether he has ever lived with children, and therefore we feel the minimum age of any children in the home (or regularly visiting) should be 13 or above. He has not shown any aggression towards dogs, and can play with dogs but he and the other dogs may become to playful and it is recommended he is the only dog in the home.


Benny is full of fun, and loves to have his belly rub, to give hugs and kisses and to generally be a big puppy of dog. We had no issues with him during the 11 days he was with us back in February 2020.


Return to our care

Unfortunately Benson had to come back to us at the end of May. He had developed reactions to some strangers which could not be easily explained. He was living on a military base and he may have developed an attachment to his owner(s) and become overly protective of them in certain situations. He has never bitten anyone, but the new owners were concerned about his behaviour and that he was not settling in. Part of this may have been as a result of working alongside his owner for some of the time. It was as an absolute last resort that his new owners made the decision to return him to us and they have provided us with lots of information to help us try and find him a suitable home.


Meeting his foster carer

When we took Benson to meet his foster carer he showed no hesitation or aggression. He may lack a bit of confidence, and there is evidence that in his past life he may have been physically punished as he can sometimes cower and flinch to fast movements of the hands.


Travelling, house training, destruction.

Benson is a great traveller in the car, and in the home he is clean, house trained and has not shown any signs of destruction. Benson does prefer to sleep in the bedroom, and even on the bed if allowed.



Benny’s ‘grandparents’ describe him as a “fantastic chap with a heart of gold,” and “a real gem, absolute gentleman.”


Other things Benson likes:

  • Playing ball, tug, squeaky toys.

  • Absolutely loves sprats as a treat.

  • Once he gets to know you he loves a good belly rub but he may mouth your hand.

  • Loves hugs and kisses but be careful of his momentum as he can be quite bouncy

  • Loves to play seek games with treats, finding food in hidden places in the garden

  • Likes going in water and streams, but may be a bit adverse to swimming.


The family described Benson further as:

  • He is a very good boy.

  • Benny has impeccable manners where treats and food are involved.

  • Loves going out and having a walk and adventures.


Things Benny is not very keen on:

  • Fast movements of the hands

  • Introductions to some men may make Benny uneasy, nervous, and this may be related to him being beaten when he was younger.

  • Benson does not know his own strength when mouthing, and this reason means we cannot accept enquiries from homes with children under 13 as little ones may find this painful.

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