Bella is a 12-15 months cross, possibly with some lab in her. She came from a private home, but was becoming too boisterous with young children around.


Bella would suit an experienced owner, who can give Bella the training and socialisation she needs. She is young, and has lots of energy so we would be interested in an active home.

Bella appears to be very frightened of traffic, and this makes walking her by roads impossible. She will need a period of reward based training to get her accustomed with and comfortable around traffic. Bella is an excellent walker when in areas without traffic - parks, fields, woods, etc, and will walk for long periods. But roads/pavements are a no-no for her at the moment, and any adoption will either need to be in a quieter area, or to a home that understand the development needed. There is no guarantee training will be successful as it can be as much about the owner/trainer as it is about the dog.

The sort of home for Bella would be:


  • No dogs in the home

  • No cats or any other pets in the home

  • No children under the age 14 in the home or regularly visiting as Bella can be quite boisterous

  • An active home where Bella can have lots of exercise and play

  • An experienced home, with owner(s) who can help train/develop this pup into a wonderful adult dog

  • A quiet home would be preferable

  • Access to a private secure garden

  • No more than 4 hours left alone

  • Access to the sofa at home


Bella appears in very good health, with a good weight and a lovely clean shiny coat.



Although Bella has lived with children aged 6-12 years, she has proved very boisterous around them and this did cause an accidental bite during rough play. The previous owners felt that Bella needed a home with older children, and they suggested aged 14+. Children should be experienced around dogs, and not afraid of dogs that may jump up and be boisterous. We will not accept any enquiries from homes with children under 14.



Bella is not very socialised around dogs. Her previous owner states she may bark, but she may also sit and start to show interest in a good way. She is not showing any aggression towards dogs, and her barks appear to be very playful. Any introductions to other dogs should be done carefully and properly supervised.


Cats, birds, other animals

No cats or other small animals in the home. Bella has never had any contact with cats but she has shown an interest in chasing birds. During an overnight stay in a home with rabbits Bella was fixated on the rabbits and would not leave them alone.



Bella does not like new environments, and is nervous of loud noises, the vacuum but did get used to the radio. A quieter home would therefore be more suitable for Bella. Maybe nervous of sudden movements, especially around strangers.



Bella loves to play with toys, especially squeaky toys.



Normally Bella does not pull on the lead, but her previous owner has said that on regular walks she may follow her nose home and this may result in pulling. The previous owner states that Bella is good off the lead and will walk by their side, or return with “Bella come”. We do not test any of dogs off the lead.



Travel sickness is hit and miss, but travelled an hour to rehoming centre without sickness.


Bella may bark for the doorbell/knock, and can be nosey, and may bark at strangers she sees. Often the barks are a low woof, but she can go into proper barking at a doorbell/knock.


Other information provided by previous owner:

  • No dominance

  • No aggression

  • General likes – squeaky toys, toy bones

  • General dislikes – loud noises, sudden movements, bananas, peas

  • Commands known – sit, have tried shake paw, Bella come

  • House trained – yes, will stand by back door, currently needs to go out during night

  • Time left alone – 4 hours

  • Sleeping – on sofa at night