Players throw the dice in turn and draw body parts of the  beetle depending on the dice they have thrown.
• There are 14 body parts to draw: a body, a head, six legs,   two wings, two antennae and two eyes • You must throw a six to start – to draw the body • Throw a five – draw the head • Throw a four – draw the wings • Throw a three – draw a leg • Throw a two – draw an antennae • Throw a one – draw an eye


You must draw the body before anything else, so you can’t  start until you throw a six. You must draw a head (five) before  you can draw the eyes and antennae.
It doesn’t matter what your beetle looks like!


The first player to draw a complete beetle shouts ‘BEETLE’  and scores the maximum 14 points for that round. Everyone  else counts up how many body parts they have drawn, and  scores one point per body part.

At the end of the beetle drive, the winner is the person who  has accrued the most points across all the games played.

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