2 year old Bear is a lovely dog, fully house trained not a big barker unless he excited or thinks you are taking too long to get ready for his walks. He knows several basic commands - sit, paw, wait, stay etc.


He is very loving likes all people inc. visitors and strangers but he can get overexcited and jump up at them although this has almost been trained out of him. He loves to play tug and fetch but needs work on his 'drop it' command still as he loves to chew his toys and needs lures/encouragement to give them back.


He loves to cuddle up on the sofa and his belly tickling and will happily roll over for you to do it.


He can pull on the lead but is generally walking well after some training but he is reactive (in a friendly playful way) to other people and dogs on walks which can cause him to loses focus, not response to commands and pull and jump to get closer to them.


He also seems to have some degree of isolation distress and does not like to be left on his own, he does not seem to care who he is left with as long as someone is there with him.

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